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34 Best Lightroom Presets for Landscapes

We gathered the best Lightroom presets for landscapes that look great on outdoor and travel photos. These are specially designed to enhance your scenic shots in every way possible. Some of these presets offer conservative enhancements, while some artistically transform images into an altogether different look.

Despite the different approaches, you can tell that these presets prioritize color and textures. It boils down to what your shot specifically needs. You can download and try as many of them as you can and experiment with the aesthetics. Notice how each preset reinforces a specific feel. You can think of it as setting the mood for your shot.

If you travel a lot or have a blog, these landscape presets for Lightroom will be useful! Remember that you can use them to set a visual identity on Instagram and Pinterest. You can set a look throughout your feed in a few clicks. Not only will your Instagram or site look more professional, but also be unforgettable.

To make things even easier for you, I also prepared an Adobe Lightroom preset installation guide that can teach you how to install presets on mobile and desktop. You’ll learn how to use the DNG preset formats on the Lightroom mobile app, and XMP on Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic.



A man on top of a vivid and colorful landscape

Best for: All Landscapes
Style: Vibrant Colors, High-Contrast Tones, Crisp Textures

This Landscape preset is the one we designed specifically for, as the name suggests, landscapes. It has incredibly rich color, tone, and detail. This is our go-to for most of our shots. We sometimes use it as is or tweak depending on the photo’s demands. It is the most straightforward in the collection and the first one we look for when editing scenery.

Landscape View

Landscape Free Lightroom Presets

Best for: All Landscapes, Beaches, Coasts
Style: Vibrant Colors and Tones, Strong Blue and Green Hues

Landscape View is our top-performing preset. It has a balanced blend of colors and tonal contrasts. We love how it amplifies blue and green hues, making it ideal for photos of beaches or coasts. You always get vivid skies as well. This is another preset to keep in your arsenal if you are looking to produce more vibrant landscape shots.

Blue Sky Dream

Featured image of Blue Sky Dream preset by PresetLove, showcasing vibrant blue skies and enhanced colors in a landscape photograph.

Best for: Fields, Blue Skies, Diffused Natural Light
Style: Saturated, Vivid Blues and Greens

Blue Sky Dream is another go-to preset if you often take photos of fields and views that show a lot of sky. Colors are vibrant, textures are sharp, and depth is clearly defined.

Classic Bright

A vibrant photo of a landscape with clear waters and detailed mountains

Best for: All Landscapes
Style: Natural, Bright, Clear, Warm (Like Sunlight)

Classic Bright extracts and enhances the natural elements of a scenery. It produces rich hues and blends them with its sunlit warmth. As its name suggests, the preset can give any photo a neutral classic look, without having to its downplay the original characteristics.

Perfect View

Two women looking towards a breathtaking mountain landscape

Best for: All Landscapes, Outdoor Photography
Style: Bright, Clear, Bold Matte, Detailed

Perfect View preset produces what its name claims. It enhances all outdoor scenes, from landscapes to urbanscapes, by thoroughly amplifying all of the photo’s elements. It keeps a nice balance; even with its bold aesthetic, the adjustments aren’t overdone.



Travel Preset Free Lightroom Presets

Best for: All Landscapes
Style: Defined Tones, Sharp Textures, Rich Colors

Travel preset adds natural and clean hues to travel photos, specializing on nature and landscapes. It retains and amplifies its natural colors. The result is always clean and clear, with all elements popping out more.

Drone Eye

A colorful photo of a drone in midair

Best for: Aerial Photos, All Landscapes
Style: Clear, Vibrant, Detailed, Deep Midtones, Matte

Drone Eye is specifically designed for aerial photography. It has a unique matte look that work beautifully with its deep midtones. It is versatile enough to be used on all types of landscapes. You can consistently achieve a clear and rich photo with this preset.


A warm and airy summer photo of a woman wearing a white shirt and denim shorts by the coast

Best for: Travel Photography, Coasts, Beaches
Style: Film, Airy, Warm, Clear

This Lagos preset is designed to bring out the look and feel of Lagos, Portugal. It captures the light and airy feel that exudes a relaxing vacation atmosphere.

Cabo da Roca

Cabo da Roca film landscape Lightroom preset

Best for: Coasts, Fields, Tropical Scenes
Style: Film, Deep and Rich Colors, Emphasized Depth, Warm

Cabo da Roca preset captures the calm look and feel of Portugal’s Cabo da Roca. You can therefore expect the settings to be specifically for coasts or scenes with a light, tropical, vibe.

Highway Trip

Highway Trip travel Lightroom preset by PresetLove

Best for: Travel Photography, Detailed Landscapes, Outdoor
Style: Textured, Bold Tones, Dark

Highway Trip preset is, as you can tell from the name, especially designed for your road trip photos. It accentuates the tones and details in the views you would come across, even including the highway itself. It also adds a dark aesthetic for a dramatic and moody atmosphere.

Cinque Terre

A warm and vibrant photo of the Cinque Terre, with a film travel preset applied

Best for: Travel Photography, Coasts, Beaches
Style: Vibrant, Film Matte

Cinque Terre preset is named after Italy’s beautiful coastal area and popular tourist destination. It captures the place’s vacation feel and the town’s dynamic air. You can always count on its rich colors, deeps tones, and warm accents.


Flora Falls II

A vivid landscape image of a waterfall

Best for: Water Falls, Rock Formations, Forests
Style: Deep and Rich Greens, Accentuated Shadows

Flora Falls II never fails to produce stunning results when photographing water falls and rocks. The plants and other green elements that you have within the frame would consistently look deep and rich. You can also notice how the colors complement its strong tones, especially when applied on a photo with some accent lighting.

Touch of Drama

A vibrant photo of a grassland with cattle grazing at the distance

Best for: All Landscapes, Outdoor Photography
Style: Dark, Deep Tones, Dramatic, Moody

Touch of Drama is the landscape preset to use if you are looking for a dark, clear, but vibrant aesthetic. This is quite a departure from the usual bright and vivid styles. As its name suggests, the preset does add a dramatic or moody atmosphere.


Crisp Mountains

Crisp Mountain  Free Lightroom Presets

Best for: Hiking Photos, Mountain Ranges, Rock Formations
Style: Textured, High-Contrast Tones, Darker Regions

Crisp Mountains landscape preset is designed for mountain ranges and detailed terrains. This is the one to use on hiking photos. It isn’t as sensitive to lighting so you can still apply it to images that require sharpening and tonal reinforcement.


Tropical City

A warm orange and teal photo of tropical palm trees

Best for: Tropical Landscapes, Beaches, Coasts
Style: Warm, Vivid, Orange and Teal

Tropical City preset makes use of the popular orange and teal cinematic motif, but adjusted specifically for tropical landscapes, beaches, and coasts. It has a unique layer of warmth that fully captures the tropical atmosphere. So if you’ve been wanting to use the aesthetic on your travel or vacation photos, this is the perfect preset for you.

Exotic Trip

Exotic Trip Preset by

Best for: Landscapes, Nature, Wildlife
Style: Bright, Vibrant Colors, Clear

Exotic Trip adds some eye-catching pop to tropical and landscape photography. It focuses on enhances the natural elements of the photograph to add a livelier feel. You cane expect vibrant colors, contrasty tones, and clear details.


Film Landscape

A cinematic landscape of an open highway leading to a mountain range

Best for: Versatile, All Landscapes
Style: Matte, High-Contrast, Film

Film Landscape preset brings the classic and expressive quality of film to landscape photos. You can expect rich tones, crisp textures, and enhanced colors. The result can also give images a nostalgic, even cinematic, feel.

Lens Flare

A photo of a landscape with added lens flare

Best for: Outdoor Photos, Bright Scenes
Style: Bright, Light Flare

Lens Flare free present adds the cool light flare effect that easily makes outdoor scenes look more magical. We love using it for outdoor portraits, too! It just makes shots look more spontaneous and dramatic.


A grainy film landscape

Best for: Landscapes, Outdoor Shots, Travel
Style: Retro Film, Analog, Bluish Tone, Soft Colors

Utah free Lightroom preset that enhances landscape elements and applies beautiful classic film tones. Its does a great job recreating the charming style of analog photography. Just look at its retro-like tones and blueish hues.


Sunset Over the Ocean

A vibrant and colorful sunset over the ocean

Best for: Photos of Sunsets
Style: Vibrant, Clear Tones

Sunset Over the Ocean specializes in sunset photos, especially those taken along the beach or coast. It enhances the entire spectrum of colors and makes the entire view much more breathtaking.


Sunset Preset Free Lightroom Presets

Best for: Photos of Sunsets
Style: Vivid, Vibrant Colors

Sunset is the free preset for Lightroom that easily optimizes tones and colors. It can make any photo instantly lively. The warm colors of sunset will look so rich and full, too. You can even use this preset on any other landscape shots if you want to emphasize a lot of details.

Beach Day

An analog camera on the sand by the beach

Best for: Beach Photos, Coasts
Style: Warm, Bright, Vibrant, High-Contrast

Beach Day beautifully draws out the prominent colors of beaches and coasts. It optimizes the hues of water and sand, with deep blues and shades of orange. It is a go-to preset if you want to fully bring out the photo’s vacation vibe.


Desert Sun

Desert Sun - PresetLove

Best for: Desert Landscapes
Style: Vivid, Bright, Deep Orange Tones

Desert Sun gives photos a vivid look and sweltering feel. It creates this effect by boosting some tones and colors. Its aesthetic is primarily defined by its complex orange hues.



A black and white hdr landscape photo

Best for: Landscapes
Style: Matte, Crisply Textured

B&W HDR converts images to high-definition monochrome. It produces a broad range of grays and crisp textures. It has broad tones and sharp details that are all perfect for landscapes and various sceneries.

B&W Landscape

Before and after comparison of B&W Landscape preset by PresetLove, showcasing enhanced contrast and dramatic black and white tones in a scenic landscape photograph.

Best for: Landscapes, Detailed Scenes
Style: Bright, Strong Midtones, Soft Highlights

We designed B&W Landscape specifically for landscapes and outdoor shots. To draw out the details, we amplify the midtones and optimize light regions. The combination of these tones creates a majestic and dramatic atmosphere.

Sharp B&W

A vivid black and white photo of a woman sitting in a field wearing a white top and sunglasses

Best for: Landscapes, Versatile (Indoor and Outdoor)
Style: Bright and Detailed

Sharp B&W produces detailed black and white photos. You get beautifully textured portraits and landscapes as it draws out every detail. The result would always look more alive, even with its shades of gray.


Autumn Fields

Trees with orange autumn leaves

Best for: Richly Textured Landscapes, Shallow Depth of Fields, Fall Photos
Style: Light, Medium Matte, A Touch of Vintage

Autumn Fields livens up your Fall photos. Its rich powdery look gives images a cozy and timeless feel. It has muted tones, too, that add a touch of vintage charm. One of our favorite Fall Presets!

Autumn Skies

A man standing at the farthest end of the road lined with trees in autumn leaves

Best for: Landscapes with Vast Skies, Fall Tones, Some Greens
Style: Warm Browns, Soft Matte

Autumn Skies enhances fall colors in landscape photos. You will get warm and soft brown hues that will enhance the look and feel of the scenery. This filter does not distort colors, but rather enhances them.


Warm Winter Colors

A snow-covered landscape with warm winter colors

Best for: Snowy Winter Landscapes, High Key Photography
Style: Cozy Warmth

Warm Winter Colors adds a touch of warmth to your winter photos. It brings landscapes to life with complex colors and rich tones. As a result, images will look cozier and inviting.

Gray Winter Day

A gray winter landscape

Best for: Winter Landscapes and Urban Scenes, Outdoor
Style: Deep Gray Tones, Bright Whites, Soft Colors

Gray Winter Day draws out the gray tones in winter photos and amplifies cool colors to add definition. These effects blend well with the high contrast tones and moderately saturated colors. All of these come together to create a dramatic winter photo.


Premium Landscape Presets by PresetLove

Be sure to check out our popular, stunning, collection of 10 Premium Landscape Presets! These presets are powerful and can transform images in a few clicks. See for yourself! If you are looking to try unique styles, you have to check this bundle out. The preset pack is perfect for both casual and professional photographers.

Arctic Silver

A photo collage of PresetLove's Arctic Silver bright landscape Lightroom preset

Best for: Hiking Photos, Mountains, Bodies of Water
Style: Silver, Muted Cool Colors

Arctic Silver artistically enhances the look of mountain landscapes. Its bright almost-monochrome regions give off a cool feel. It exquisitely sets an icy motif using elegant silver tones, with warm hues as striking accents.

Coastal Breeze

Featured premium preset by PresetLove, Coastal Breeze, showcasing a serene coastal landscape with soft, pastel hues and warm tones.

Best for: Coasts, Beaches, Islands
Style: Light, Undersaturated Greens, Matte

Coastal Breeze produces a beautiful combination of undersaturated greens and warm browns in landscape photos. Its unique aesthetic complements the light and breezy feel of the scenery.

Volcanic Ash

Volcanic Ash Premium Dark Landscape Preset by PresetLove

Best for: Mountain Landscapes, Rough Terrain
Style: Dark, Desaturated Colors, Moody

Volcanic Ash is probably the darkest and most dramatic landscape preset that we have in our collection. It is drastically different from the ones that we have grown used to. This preset artistically strips photos away of most colors and replaces them with blacks and grays. Warm colors primarily decorate the image, bold against the dominant monochromatic tones.

Summit Heights

Summit Heights Premium Preset for Landscapes - PresetLove

Best for: Lush Landscapes, Fields, Gardens, Greenery
Style: Muted Greens, Light and Airy, Matte

Summit Heights preset creates soft and warm earthy tones. The greens are unsaturated to complement the landscape’s browns. It also heightens aqua and teal. All of these settings combine with a classy and charming matte look.

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