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Lightroom Mobile Presets

If you want to try Lightroom presets but do not have the fully-featured version on desktop, you can always download Lightroom Mobile. Unlike its desktop counterpart, you can download it for free!

It has the features that you need for most photo editing processes. It also makes presets fun and easy to use on the go. The best part is, this also makes it a lot quicker to use Lightroom presets for Instagram!

Here are some things you need to know before using presets on mobile:

  1. Where to download Lightroom Mobile. Simply click on these download links to get Lightroom mobile on your phone:
  2. Mobile Preset File Format. You have to use the DNG format to use presets on Lightroom mobile. This file format is basically an uncompressed image that contains the preset’s custom settings. Keep this in mind when downloading mobile presets.
  3. Importing to Lightroom Mobile. The process is similar to importing any photo into Lightroom. You can check out our guide to learn more about how to install Lightroom presets on both mobile and desktop.

How to Add Presets to Lightroom Mobile

It’s easy! Select what type of phone you have to learn how to add presets to Lightroom mobile.

Free Lightroom Mobile Presets

We have over 300 mobile Lightroom presets that you can download for free! So look no further. Here are our best Lightroom mobile presets to get you started. These Lightroom mobile presets are easy to apply on Android and iPhone.

Orange and Teal

Orange and Teal Before and After Collages - Urban Preset - PresetLove

Best for: Urban Scenes, Travel Photography, Instagram
Style: Orange and Teal Motif, Cinematic Tones

This Orange and Teal free preset is still one of the most popular looks on social media, especially on Instagram. This complementary-color aesthetic is great for detailed scenes with mixed hues. This style can easily grab attention, especially when applied to multiple images. When using on Lightroom mobile, this is really a one-click wonder.

Portra 160

Portra 160 Before and After Collages - Film Preset - PresetLove

Best for: Versatile, Indoor and Outdoor
Style: Kodak Portra 160 Style, Matte Tones

This Portra 160 will give your photos that artistic film look. It’s ideal for mobile use because you can apply it to most photos and in all types of photography! If you are using this free preset for Instagram, you’ll get a cohesive analog look throughout your images.

Urban Cool

Urban Cool Before and After Collages - Urban Preset - PresetLove

Best for: Street Photography, Cityscapes, Outdoor Portraits
Style: Blue hues, Clear and Bold Tones

Urban Cool remains one of our most popular free Lightroom presets. It gives images a stunning cool and vivid aesthetic that looks amazing on cityscapes, street photography, and portraiture. If you’re into these types of photography, this preset is great to have on your Lightroom mobile for quick edits and social media posting.

Pastel Warm

Pastel Warm Before and After Collages - Instagram Preset - PresetLove

Best for: Outdoor Portraits, Fashion
Style: Warm, Moderate Contrast, Unsaturated, Soft Matte

The Pastel Warm free preset’s aesthetic is easily one of our favorite free mobile presets because of its stylish warm tones. It also has light brown accents that define the image and reinforce the preset’s stunning style. If you take a lot of outdoor portraits, it’s nice to keep this preset on your Lightroom mobile for quick editing on your phone.

Chocolate Matte

Chocolate Matte Before and After Collages - Cinematic Brown Preset - PresetLove

Best for: Natural Light, Instagram
Style: Soft brown hues, Cinematic, Moderate matte

Chocolate Matte is another go-to look because of its nice blend of brown and warm tones. This free preset blends an artistic matte texture with complex brown tones. It is amazing on outdoor and well-lit photos. Use this on your Lightroom mobile when you want to give your mobile photography a cinematic look and feel.

Matte Pink

Matte Pink Before and After Collages - Social Media Preset - PresetLove

Best for: Travel photography, Outdoor portraiture, Instagram
Style: Pinkish hues, High matte

Matte Pink free preset adds a beautiful pastel pink look to your photos. It also has a nice and stylish matte effect that’s great for portraits and travel photos. It gives every shot a stylish look. It’s another great mobile preset to use if you are trying to set a specific look for your images on social media.

Coffee Break

Coffee Break Before and After Collages - Brown Preset - PresetLove

Best for: Diffused Lighting, Indoor, Interiors
Style: Brown Tones, Warm Accents

Coffee Break free preset is one of those that you’d want to keep on your Lightroom mobile if you want to quickly set a theme for your images. It gives them gorgeous brown tones with warm accents. Try it on photos of cozy spaces and other travel photos.

Mobile Lightroom Presets for Portraits

Portraiture I Before and After Collages - Portrait Preset - PresetLove

Portrait Presets. These portrait presets are great for enhancing selfies and portraits easily, especially if you are editing using Lightroom mobile. Having these can help you set the look that you want on the go. You can choose a lot of styles from this collection based on your tastes and what type of photography you do — you can find professional studio portrait enhancements, light and airy styles, even dark and moody.

The professional portrait preset shown above is the Portraiture I. You can get it and more free Lightroom presets for portraits in the link below.

Lightroom Film Presets for Mobile

SX-7000 Before and After Collages - Film Preset - PresetLove

Film Presets. You should get these film presets to your Lightroom mobile if you are a fan of the retro analog look. These presets will easily give your shots a classic but timeless style. We even have a lot of free film emulation presets that you can choose from. All the presets in this list are available for Lightroom mobile.

The preset we show above is the free SX-7000. You can get it and several more Lightroom film presets by clicking the button below.

Mobile Urban Presets

Street Blue Before and After Collages - Urban Preset - PresetLove

Urban Presets. Here’s an entire set of urban presets for whenever you need a bold and modern style. Many of these have dramatic and cinematic looks that are just perfect for city scenes and street photography. The presets we listed here are all available for Lightroom mobile. This is the ultimate place for you urban mobile presets!

The dark and moody preset we’re showing in the above collage is the Street Blue preset. You can get it and more free urban presets in the link below.

Download 300+ Free Lightroom Mobile Presets

The more Lightroom mobile presets you have, the easier it is to edit on your phone! You get to choose from multiple styles in just a few taps. So be sure to check out our 300+ Lightroom presets. All of them have DNG formats that you can easily import on your Android or iPhone’s Lightroom mobile. [Need help? Here’s how to add presets to Lightroom.]

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All of these presets can be used on Lightroom mobile and desktop.