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Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2019

by +

Valentine's Day Preset by

Vintage Architecture

February 5, 2019

by PresetLove +

Vintage Architecture Preset by


January 29, 2019

by PresetLove +

Documentary Preset by

Winter Sports

January 22, 2019

by PresetLove +

Winter Sports Preset by


January 15, 2019

by PresetLove +

Macro Preset by


January 8, 2019

by PresetLove +

The Food preset is a free lightroom preset that makes food photography colorful and exciting. It enhances the photos to look mouthwatering, tasty and irresistible and will leave you hungry and craving for it. This preset is perfect to use for recipe websites, food blogs, catalogs and Instagram too.

Food Preset by

New Year’s Party

January 1, 2019

by PresetLove +

The New Year’s Party preset is a free lightroom preset that is best used for holidays, winter, snow, party and celebration images. It adds warm and pastel tones which provides comfort and coziness in presents and family portraits.

New Year's Party Preset by

Winter Holidays

December 25, 2018

by PresetLove +

The Winter Holidays preset is a free lightroom preset that gives images with a cooler, enchanting and winter-y feel. It is perfect in taking outdoor landscapes or portraits during winter season, featuring snow.

Winter Holidays Free Lightroom Preset


December 18, 2018

by PresetLove +

Enhance travel, adventure, exploration, nature, hiking, mountain, road and outdoor photos with a natural and clean color.

Travel Preset Free Lightroom Presets

Family Day

December 11, 2018

by PresetLove +

This is especially for children and family fun moment portraits to give it a stunning and fashioned look.

Family Day Preset Free Lightroom Presets


December 4, 2018

by PresetLove +

This preset increases the warmth of dull photos and sharpens the contrast to make them stand out and look stunning.

Christmas Preset Free Lightroom Presets


November 27, 2018

by PresetLove +

Improve the quality of photos by increasing color saturation and sharpening – especially for animal photos.

Wildlife Preset Free Lightroom Presets

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The Top Free Lightroom Presets

Warm Retro

by Forrest Lane +

Warm tones and a vintage retro look. This preset is especially good for portraits.


by Silky Presets +

This preset bumps up the brightness of photos that are too dark.

Film Free Lightroom Presets

Blue Sky Dream

by Preset Love +

Bring clarity, brightness and deep blues to your photos. Great for capturing the true blue sky dream.

Pop Portrait

by Forrest Lane +

A great preset for adding a little ‘Pop’ to your Portraits!

Smart Warmer

by Silky Presets +

This preset gently warms your entire image while keeping skin tones looking natural.

Clean Free Lightroom Presets

Shadow Crusher

by Preset Love +

This is one of our most popular presets that crushes shadows!

Shadow Crusher - Preset Love Preset

Vintage Garden

by Forrest Lane +

This preset brings out the verdant greens of vegetation in garden and nature scenes but does so with a vintage, classic look.

Wedding Smiles

by Preset Love +

Get a soft yet bright look for your wedding photos with the wedding smiles preset. Great for wedding portraits!

Clean Free Lightroom Presets

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Download ALL of our Presets plus 21 Bonus Presets and Save Time!


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Download ALL of our Presets plus 21 Bonus Presets and Save Time!