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Summer Presets That You Can Download FREE for Lightroom Mobile and Desktop

Use these beautiful summer presets for Lightroom on sunny photos of beaches and landscapes. I selected these based on colors, too. This means that you can expect rich lively hues for beaches, skies, greenery, oceans — and, more importantly, skin tones. We want to make sure that we look great in our summer photos.

I will also include a simple guide on how to tweak each preset. As we all know, not all photos are created equal. Think of this as a way to tailor fit the aesthetic to your unique photo. Don’t worry, the entire process is super quick and easy. Just check out our preset installation guide if you are new to Adobe Lightroom.

The presets I listed right below are free to use. So if you are using Lightroom mobile, which you can also download for free, you can quickly edit your shots without paying for anything. Go ahead and download as many as you want! I always recommend that you try several until you get the look that you are happy with.

Free Summer Presets for Lightroom Mobile and Desktop

Airy Summer | Free summer preset with soft tones

An Airy Summer Lightroom preset applied to a beach photo

To get the most of that summer feel, Airy Summer adds a nice coating of warm hues. You also get rich colors, as you can see in the example above. Its vibrant aqua hues stand out, and they match the soft airy tones so well.

Preset Overview

Best forVacation photos, Travel, Beach scenes
StyleLight Tones, Orange and Teal Pastel, Warm Orange Tint

Recommended Adjustments

DehazeUse to intensify or soften
HighlightsTweak to brighten or darken sunlit areas

Summer Solace | Free summer preset with an analog film style

A warm and soft photo of a woman about to snorkel, with a free summer preset for Lightroom applied

Summer Solace adds a charming analog film warmth to photos. See for yourself in the photo above. Not only does it brighten the image, but it also creates a classic warm overlay with aqua accents. This preset is just incredible at creating a bright, light, and cheerful feel.

Preset Overview

Best forOutdoor, Travel, Beach
StyleBright, Warm Color Temperature, Magenta Tonal Accents, Film

Recommended Adjustments

ExposureUse to brighten or darken, depending on the amount of light in your photo
ShadowsAdjust if you want to darken shadows for depth

Lagos | Vivid Summer Preset

An aerial photo of a beach surrounded by detailed rock formations, with Lagos Lightroom preset applied

If you want an all-rounder summer Lightroom preset, use Lagos. A professional photographer designed this for PresetLove — and is free to download. You can, therefore, see the professional result above: there’s a great balance in color, tone, and lighting. I love it on photos of beaches on coasts. Best of all, it is also stunning on outdoor portraits!

Preset Overview

Best forTravel Photography, Coasts, Beaches
StyleVivid Film, Airy, Warm, Clear

Recommended Adjustments

DehazeClarifies tones
HighlightsAdjust to reveal details on bright regions

Summer Memories | Colorful Summer Preset

Summer Memories Preset - floatie

Here’s a colorful summer preset for your equally colorful summer memories. Summer Memories free preset sets itself apart by having gorgeous colors. I love using this on images that have subjects right at the center. The overall effect emphasizes it all the more. It’s definitely a fun preset to try.

Preset Overview

Best forOutdoors, Beaches, Travel, Subjects at the Center
StyleVibrant, Warm, Purple Tonal Accents

Recommended Adjustments

VibranceTweak the color to your style
ContrastConsider lowering for a pastel look

A Summer Affair | Summer Preset for Portraits

A summer preset applied to a photo of a boy

A Summer Affair produces a clear and polished look. It brightens, adds a realistic warmth to images, and refines tonal depth. I recommend that you use this if you only want to refine your shot and not alter its original look. With this preset, you can get professional results so easily, every time.

Preset Overview

Best forOutdoor, Natural Light
StyleBright, Sunny Warmth, Clear, Balanced Tones

Recommended Adjustments

ExposureControl how much light is in your photo
HighlightsOptimize the brightest areas

Summerscapes | Summer preset with lightened tones

A warm and vibrant photo of a woman standing between two palm trees at the beach

Summerscapes free preset captures the light and chill vibes of summer vacations. It does this by creating a unique balance between warm and cool hues. The result actually looks classic to me. I love it on portraits by the beach, especially with a gorgeous natural backdrop.

Preset Overview

Best forBeaches, Outdoor, Travel
StyleBright, Warm, Vivid, Light Cool Tones

Recommended Adjustments

ExposureAdjust the overall brightness of the image
ContrastTweak the tonal intensity

Summer HiLights | Retro Matte Summer Preset

A man in mid-jump playing beach volleyball

Summer HiLights free preset has a beautiful retro matte look. To get this effect, it softens both tones and colors. Its unique adjustments somehow remind me of instant cameras of the 80s. It is definitely a look that you can use on many types of images.

Preset Overview

Best for Outdoor, Beach, Travel, Summer Activities
StyleSunny Warmth, Matte, Blue Tonal Accents

Recommended Adjustments

TempConsider warming up your photo
ClarityRefine tonal clarity

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