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45 Best Fall Presets to Enhance Autumn Photos

Fall excites many of us because of its distinct tones and nostalgic feel. In college, we had an entire club devoted to the nostalgia and love of fall!

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to bring out autumn’s colors in our photos. The orange-brown tones can sometimes look dull or even close to gray as the camera automatically optimizes exposure. This can produce overblown highlights, too, that can ruin more subtle pumpkin and dead leaf shades.

But not to worry! I have several Autumn presets for you that are specifically tweaked to make the most of the season’s colors! You can use these fall presets on all of your photos as long as the leaves are falling.

Oh and one more thing, all of these fall presets are available for both Lightroom mobile and desktop!

If you need help with Adobe Lightroom, you can check our guide on how to install Lightroom presets. We’ll show you how to use DNG preset formats on the Lightroom mobile app, and XMP on Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic.

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Free Autumn Presets for Lightroom


Autumn Preset Free Lightroom Presets

Best for: Outdoor scenes that are rich in fall or neutral colors
Style: Warm temperature, reddish-brown fall hues

Autumn Preset adds a cozy, touch of fall in pictures by adding a warm temp, some clarity, and brown tones. It also decreases saturation and increases luminance in red, orange or yellow channels.

This is the most accurate Autumn filter that you can use to get the most of the season’s romantic hues.

Autumn Fields

Trees with orange autumn leaves

Best for: Richly textured landscapes, shallow depth of field
Style: Light, medium matte, a touch of vintage

Autumn Fields livens up your Fall photos. Its rich powdery look gives images a cozy and timeless feel. It has muted tones, too, that add a touch of vintage charm. One of our favorite Fall Presets!

Autumn Skies

A man standing at the farthest end of the road lined with trees in autumn leaves

Best for: Landscapes with vast skies, fall tones, and some greens
Style: Warm browns, soft matte

Autumn Skies enhances fall colors in landscape photos. You will get warm and soft brown hues that will enhance the look and feel of the scenery. This filter does not distort colors, but rather enhances them.

Autumn Vintage

Autumn Vintage Free Lightroom Presets

Best for: Indoor and outdoor images of fall
Style: Vintage, desaturated tones, warm temperature

Autumn Vintage gives a tranquil effect on a bright autumn photo by increasing warm tones. It offers exceptional vintage look to any fall motif. This preset emphasizes the warmth in autumn by desaturation and creating an old-fashioned feel in an image. This is a great fall preset for hipsters and lovers of turning leaves alike!

The Premium Autumn Presets

If you want to save time, you can download the entire collection of Autumn Presets in one go!
It includes all free and 10 premium fall presets, too! 

Indoor Fall

Indoor Fall Premium Autumn Lightroom Preset by PresetLove

Best for: Diffused Lighting
Style: Soft Matte, Pastel, Earthy
A premium preset from the Autumn Collection

Indoor Fall preset allows you to bring the autumn motif indoors. This preset has delicate browns that work beautifully with high-key photos. It also has a soft aesthetic that will give any photographs a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Autumn Fashion

Best for: Outdoor Scenes, Portraits, Fashion
Style: Warm, Matte
A premium preset from the Autumn Collection

Autumn Fashion is the best fall preset to use if you want to showcase your outfit for the season. It is designed to work well with portraiture and fashion photography. It also has a matte style to add some dramatic flair.

Autumnal Shroud

Autumnal Shroud premium preset for fall by PresetLove

Best for: Outdoor, Landscapes, Diffused Lighting
Dark, Moody, Dramatic
A premium preset exclusive to the Premium Bundle

Autumnal Shroud produces a rich blend of orange and brown tones. What sets it apart is its matte aesthetic and unique moody feel. It is also one of the most dramatic fall presets that we have for autumn! Get it with our Premium Bundle.

6 Autumn Presets for Mobile and Desktop

Get these 6 beautiful fall presets that will make any autumn photo cozier with cinnamon browns, pumpkin oranges, and matte grays. These look great in various indoor and outdoor settings. This is the pack you need if you want to make the most of the season’s gorgeous tones.

4 Fall in Paris Presets

Fall in Paris fall presets for autumn themed photos

Best for: Fall, Fashion, Travel, Portraits
Style: Warm Brown Tones, Clear Tones

Fall in Paris has a stylish gingerbread latte look that adds a cozy autumn feel! It is simply gorgeous with the brown tones of fall! You can even use this aesthetic for fashion photos and blogs.

12 Fall Presets – Lightroom Mobile and Desktop


Best for: Outdoor, Portraits, Family, Fall Photos
Style: Earthy, Moody Neutral tones, Orange and Brown Accents

KIIN’s Fall professional Lightroom preset collection set has been designed to give a moody look to your autumn photos. We love its dramatic earthy aesthetic. Download this preset pack for the ultimate autumn mood!

7 Halloween Lightroom Preset Downloads

KIIN Halloween Lightroom Presets - Autumn and Fall filters for Lightroom Mobile and Desktop

Best for: Halloween Photos, Autumn, Indoor and Outdoor Photography
Style: Dark, Spooky, Vivid

This Halloween Lightroom preset collection is a must-have for Halloween! No other preset pack can create an aesthetic yet spooky feel. The results are even stylish. Totally something you can use if you want to show off your Halloween costume. Great for both indoor and outdoor photos, too!

6 Apple Pie Presets

Apple Pie fall Lightroom presets for Lightroom Mobile and Desktop

Best for: Outdoor Fall Photos, Portraits
Style: Deep Tones, Autumn Toned Colors

This Apple Pie preset pack makes it easy to bring out the warm and cozy feel of the autumn season! Think cinnamon browns, apple pie crust yellows, moody blues, and apple greens. These presets make autumn scenes magical in a few clicks.

3 Home Sweet Home Presets

Home, Sweet Home fall Lightroom presets

Best for: Fall Scenes, Wedding and Engagement, Outdoor Portraits, Family, Fashion
Style: Vivid Browns, Orange Toned Hues, Deep Greens

Home, Sweet Home are warm-toned presets that set a homey feel! Their unique aesthetic looks amazing on wedding and engagement photos, family portraits, headshots, and many others. This fall-themed preset is a must-have for photographers looking for a distinct look and feel.

5 Harvest Fall Lightroom Preset Collection

Best for: Outdoor, Family, Fall, Landscape, Portraits, Wedding
Style: Rich and Deep Autumn Tones, Vivid

Download this gorgeous Harvest fall Lightroom preset pack if you are looking for rich autumn tones that are also bright and vivid. We love using these KIIN Lightroom presets for enhancing fall tones in lovely outdoor autumn scenes.

10 Terracotta Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Presets


Best for: Fall portraits, Fall Weddings, Outdoor wedding photos
Style: Rich warm colors, Brown, Red, and Orange Accents,

Download this premium Fall preset bundle that are very versatile. The presets works perfectly not only on Fall themed weddings, but in outdoor boho portraits, travel photos, lifestyle photos and more. 

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