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Best Green Lightroom Presets for 2023

While green presets are not as popular as other color schemes, they can easily be the most creatively moody. The color gives off a cool mysterious vibe that looks incredible on photos with high contrast tones. The resulting aesthetic is just fun to play with, across all types of photography.

The presets I listed below have different styles. You can see how they range from soft to high-contrast, from light to dark. What you select will ultimately boil down to your preference. Which looks best on your photo? Does it go well with your style?

As I usually suggest, simply download them all and try. Get them onto your Adobe Lightroom and see for yourself. It is always great to explore various aesthetics, and some results may just surprise you.

These are all free to download. If you are not sure how to install them to your Lightroom mobile or desktop, you can refer to our preset installation guide anytime.

Dark Green Lightroom Presets

Fooled by Dark | Dark Green Preset with Moody Tones

A moody green Lightroom preset applied to a photo of a landscape

Fooled by Dark is one of my favourite green presets on PresetLove. The result is so stunningly professional. You can easily see this on its high contrast images with punchy green tones. If you look at the example above, you’ll see how the preset blends colors so expertly. The green hues pop out like a different light source altogether.

Preset Overview

Best forDaytime and Nighttime Photos, Outdoor
StyleSaturated, Vibrant, Bright Green Accents

Recommended Adjustments

BlacksConsider darkening for a more dramatic look
HighlightsModerate the intensity of bright areas

Matriculated | Green The Matrix Preset for Lightroom

A green tinted, Matrix-like, portrait of a woman in sunglasses

Matriculated preset will give your images the feel of The Matrix film. You will love its cinematic and futuristic vibe that goes so well with a lot of portrait shots. The result will make your subjects look like they came straight from the movie. It is definitely a fun preset to use.

Preset Overview

Best forVersatile, Urban, All Photos
StyleCinematic Green Tones, Modern, Vivid

Recommended Adjustments

ExposureAdjust the exposure levels of your image. Do this first.
DehazeAdjust to your designed tonal intensity

Gypsy Soul | Green Preset with a Vintage Film Style

Boats docked on an island

This Gypsy Soul preset uses green tones to create a nice serene look. This style is great for outdoor shots or any photo with a lot of natural light. The result you get will also look so charming with its soft matte vintage style.

Preset Overview

Best forNatural Light, Outdoors
StyleVintage Film, Soft Matte

Recommended Adjustments

ExposureAdjust to optimise light levels
ShadowsConsider brightening for a softer look

Looking for Lightroom Presets for Greenery?

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