Real Estate Lightroom Presets for Mobile and Desktop - Interior and Exterior - Free and Paid

15 Best Real Estate Lightroom Presets for Mobile and Desktop

When presenting and selling properties, it is important to make your real estate photos look as attractive as possible. This is why we created these presets for you. Use these best real estate Lightroom presets to set the right impression and quickly enhance your photos in just a few clicks. With these, you’d be spending less time working on your shots and more time selling homes to clients.

These interior and exterior real estate presets would look great on websites, flyers, banners, social media like Instagram, and your listings. Each will help you optimize lighting, set correct white balance points, and reduce harsh lights or shadows. They can make colors pop more to make the houses and buildings look much more attractive. If you are looking to set a specific motif or ambiance, these professional presets can make it easy for you as well.

Simply select the look that you want, add the presets to your Lightroom mobile or desktop, and use them in your photos. And that’s it! You can even apply your chosen style across multiple photos in just a few more clicks.

You can use these presets for Lightroom mobile (DNG format) and desktop (XMP and LRtemplate formats).

Interior Real Estate Lightroom Presets

Here are the best free Lightroom presets for interior photography. These will help you get the lighting right indoors, so you can make every space look its best. You can use them to highlight a room’s interior design features and ambiance. We just love how these presets also easily correct and optimize lighting indoors! These will consistently look great on your indoor real estate photography.

Indoor Bright – Free Interior Real Estate Preset

A brightened image of a dining room

This Indoor Bright free Lightroom preset is one of our popular indoor Lightroom presets. It produces bright interior shots using a daylight white aesthetic that also creates a cozy feel. If you have some harsh lighting in your shot, you can also use this preset to easily correct them. It is easy to get the optimum white balance using this preset. We love this best on photos of living rooms, kitchens, and dining areas. The results consistently look like they’re shot by a professional photographer.

Hygge Interior – Free Bright and Airy Real Estate Interior Design Preset

A soft and cool photo of a grey couch with teal pillows

Use this Hygge Interior preset if you are going for a bright and airy look. This is the style you should apply to your photos if you want to invoke the Danish concept of joyful and relaxed living. It illuminates your rooms and layers them with a cozy soft blue. It looks amazing when featuring delicate interior design motifs and other soft aesthetics. This preset especially looks great in bedrooms and living rooms.

Porcelain Pro – Premium Preset for White Interiors

Porcelain Pro - PresetLove Premium Preset - Featured

Porcelain Pro premium preset that is exclusively available to our Preset Bundle. It is one of the presets that we highly recommend for interior real estate photography because of its beautifully designed look and feel. It adds more depth to the photos and improves the white point. If you are having problems setting the white balance, this preset can definitely help you. It will give you neutral whites without having to brighten them so much. You’ll also notice how it elegantly creates a soft and cozy atmosphere.

Indoor Fall – Premium Airy Lightroom Preset for Interiors

Indoor Fall Premium Autumn Lightroom Preset by PresetLove

Indoor Fall is one of our premium presets in the Fall collection. It brings the cozy feel of autumn indoors using pastel brown tones and some undersaturated hues. This gorgeous preset creates an airy feel that makes any shot look so inviting. You can use this preset in various rooms with earthy colors and green accents. Your lighting will also appear soft yet balanced.

4 Airy and Bright Premium Light and Airy Interior Real Estate Presets

Image of a woman standing in a field of flowers. The woman is wearing a white dress and has long, flowing hair. The image has been edited with the Airy Presets from PresetLove, which gives the image a light and airy look.

You can’t go wrong with these four Airy and Bright presets. With this preset pack, you can easily fix or improve the whiteness and brilliance of any interior real estate shot. The style looks amazing on interiors as it instantly transforms them into a bright and attractive place. This is a must-have if you want to make your listing photos pop with those perfect whites and a stunningly airy feel.

5 Warm and Cozy Premium Lightroom Presets

Warm and Cozy Lightroom Presets by KIIN

Nothing says home in interior photos better than a warm and cozy aesthetic. Download and use this preset collection of 5 Warm and Cozy premium presets for your interior photography to get soft whites and pastel undertones. We highly recommend this preset pack when creating a homey ambiance.

Exterior Real Estate Lightroom Presets

It is important to accentuate details and tones when presenting the exteriors of real estate properties. All in all, it’s to make the entire place look attractive to buyers. These Lightroom presets will help establish a sense of quality, too. You use these presets when showcasing neighborhoods, highlighting important establishments in the vicinity, and enhancing curb appeal.

Quiet Street – Free Real Estate Exterior Urban Lightroom Preset

A vibrant and detailed photo of an empty urban street

Use this Quiet Street free preset if you want to feature real estate properties in a detailed yet warm aesthetic. This will make your shots stand out because of their accentuated tones, vivid colors, and crisp textures. They would look brighter and vibrant in every way.

Drone Eye – Free Lightroom Preset for Real Estate Exteriors and Landscapes

A colorful photo of a drone in midair

Drone Eye is the best preset to use if you will feature the entire real estate or architecture from a distance, even from up above. This stunning preset will reveal exterior details for you by balancing tones and adding a sunlit look. It has warm undertones that also help make the colors pop. This is even more breathtaking if you are also capturing some surrounding landscapes in aerial photography.

We hope that these real estate Adobe Lightroom presets help you create more professional and engaging photos. If you are still looking to buy Lightroom presets for your shots, consider getting our Premium Preset Bundle. With it, you can get all of our 300+ free presets plus 21 bonus premium presets.

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