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How Photographers Use Our Presets

Photographer using Brightening Preset


Your Brightening preset is just perfect for this image! Thanks for sharing it.


Expert photo editor integrates PresetLove presets in his digital art.

vintage pop review by Johnny T of Ancient Path Workshop

Vintage Pop

“I love the Vintage Pop preset because it provides that extra touch that makes classic axes look even better.”

– Johnny T

Johnny T is an expert photographer and axe enthusiast and he runs the website Ancient Path Workshop. He used our Vintage Pop preset on one of his axe photos.

Perfect View preset review - rjayatanacio

Perfect View

“I love traveling. This preset gives the authentic feel and vibrance of the photo.”

– rjayatanacio

Rjay photographs scenic views in his travels and captures the culture of every locale he goes to. Here is an image he captured in Macau that he enhanced using the Perfect View preset. 

Sabrina Fenster - Photographer Review - Vintage BW - Black Lives Matter Rally in Vancouver, Canada

Vintage BW

“My inspiration for editing was really old protest photos. So I wanted something grainy and faded that would feel like it’s from a long time ago . . .”


Sabrina Fenster use our Vintage BW to enhance and underscore the significance of her photojournalistic capture. This was taken at the Black Lives Matter protest in Vancouver, Canada.

Crisp Mountains Photographer Review Photo by ankitgagan

Crisp Mountains

“By using this preset, a normal shot got converted into an incredibly stunning photo. Thanks for making it available for free for us.”

– ankitgagan

Photographer ankitgagan uses the Crisp Mountins preset to bring out the landscape’s tones and textures.

Chocolate Matte Photographer Review by endo_traveler

Chocolate Matte

 “I like to use Chocolate Matte to emphasize the subject at the center and to add softer, calmer, hues. . .”

– endo_traveler

Travel photographer, endo_traveler, uses the Chocolate Matte preset on both portraits and landscapes whenever he wants a calm and soft look for his photos. He also applies it to draw attention to his subject.