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7 Free Night Presets for Lightroom Mobile and Desktop

These are free Lightroom presets that will help you in your night photography. These are just great at optimizing lighting, colors, and tone. You get to bring out as much of the scene as possible even under low light conditions. You can also easily notice that some of them even take advantage of the dark aesthetic to amplify the naturally dramatic mood.

We put together these top free night presets that you can easily use on Lightroom mobile and desktop. If you need help using our presets, you can check out our guide so you can learn how to install Lightroom presets on your devices. You can then use these Adobe Lightroom presets on landscapes, urban scenes, even dramatic portraits.

Free Night Presets for Lightroom

Northern Lights Aurora Night Lightroom Preset

A vibrant image of the Aurora in the night sky

Best for: Aurora Borealis and Australis, Night sky, Outdoor Night Photography
Style: Vivid, Brilliant, Clear Tones, Vibrant Colors

Northern Lights free night Lightroom preset enhances the beautiful colors and tones of the aurora. This will also make it easier for you to capture nature’s magical light display as you see it: luminous colors, vibrant hues, and dynamic tones. This is definitely a preset to keep if you photograph this phenomenon often.

Night Leaks Colorful Lightroom Night Preset

Transform your night photos with PresetLove's 'Night Leaks' preset - an edgy, urban edit that adds a pop of color and a hint of grit, creating a stunning and captivating before and after comparison that showcases the beauty of the night.

Best for: Bright, Night Photography, Scenes with Street Lights
Style: Vibrant, Colorful Light Effects, Clear Tonal Contrasts

Night Leaks free preset adds an attractive color glow in night photos without overdoing it. The result is just so artistic every time! Just look at the hues and how they blend with street lights in urban settings.

Night Music Time Concert Night Preset for Lightroom

A night Lightroom preset applied to a photo of a guitarist performing

Best for: Concerts, Performances, Indoor and Outdoor Night Photography
Style: Bright, Light, Matte, Cool-Toned Lights, Brown-Toned Shadows

We designed Night Music Time free night concert preset specifically for indoor and outdoor performances. You can easily notice how it brightens the scene like an additional spotlight but without the harsh brilliance and shadows. The preset also creates a matte look with tinted tones to add a cozy feel.

B&W Nights Black and White Night Lightroom Preset

A night black and white Lightroom preset applied on the photo of a  black car

Best for: Portraits, Urban Photos, Landscapes
Black and White, Vivid, Bold Tones, Modern

B&W Nights is a gorgeous free black and white Lightroom preset. Its bold high-contrast tones and brilliant whites just blow us away. It is amazing in nighttime urban scenes with a lot of light sources, like street lamps or headlights.

Carnival Glow Urban Night Lightroom Preset

Add a touch of festive vibrancy to your photos with PresetLove's 'Carnival Glow' preset - a dynamic edit that intensifies the colors and adds a warm glow, creating a stunning and lively effect that captures the spirit of celebration.

Best for: Night Photography, Urban Scenes
Style: Blue Glow, Clear, Enhanced Tones

Carnival Glow free preset creates a dramatic nighttime look by adding a blue-aqua glow. It is a soft spotlight that also serves as a beautiful accent in dark or dim settings. The effect looks even better on photos that have a lot of street or colorful lights.

Red Dawn I Red Monochrome Night Lightroom Preset

Experience the beauty of a Red Dawn with PresetLove's 'Red Dawn I' preset - a captivating edit that enhances the red tones and adds a dreamy, cinematic effect, creating a stunning before and after comparison that transports you to the mesmerizing beauty of a red dawn.

Best for: Urban Scenes, Landscapes, Cityscape, Night Photography
Style: Red Tones, Vivid, Moody, Modern, Futuristic

Our Red Dawn I free preset transforms night photos into futuristic red monochrome. This modern and artistic look is so stunning and fun to play with! It can completely alter the mood of your night shots and make them look like sci-fi movie stills. This cool effect looks stunning even for professional photography.

Fooled by Dark Moody Dark Green Preset for Night Photography

A moody green Lightroom preset applied to a photo of a landscape

Best for: Daytime and Nighttime Photos, Outdoor
Style: Saturated, Vibrant, Bright Green Accents

Fooled by Dark is one of my favourite dark presets on PresetLove. The result is so stunningly professional. You can easily see this on its high contrast images with punchy green tones. If you look at the example above, you’ll see how the preset blends colors so expertly. The green hues pop out like a different light source altogether.

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If you need help with Lightroom presets on mobile and desktop, you can always check our guide to learn how to install Lightroom presets. We’ll show you how to use DNG formats on the Lightroom mobile app, and XMP on Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic.