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Try it for travel, selfies, portraits, wedding and engagement, flat lay, real estate, food, lifestyle, fashion — you name it. All of them enhance photos without distorting skin tones.

Paradise Dream

Preset Description +

Paradise Dream premium Lightroom preset is one of the top presets of PresetLove. You can think of it as a professional orange and teal preset with a tropical twist. You get clear aqua hues, soft oranges, and delicate matte tones. It is everything that you can ask for in a summer beach preset.


Preset Description +

Pastelscapes is a premium Lightroom preset that adds stylish pastels to your photos. It uses these tones to soften the look of images and add a dreamy look and feel. These airy romantic hues work best on images taken under natural light.

Russet Hue

Preset Description +

Russet Hue premium Lightroom preset enhances autumn colors and draws out their various shades of brown. This style is rich in mocha brown hues, with dark chocolate tones. It exudes the warmth and cozy comfort of fall and a warm cup of coffee.

Porcelain PRO

Preset Description +

Porcelain PRO is a premium Lightroom preset that produces soft and tender porcelain whites. It transforms the colors and tones of an image to create a serene and elegant look. It applies thorough adjustments that unify elements in various types of photography, especially when shooting in high-key. Because of it, no hue or tone would appear harsh.


Preset Description +

Hideaway premium Lightroom preset enhances and creates a modern take on the urban look that we have come to love. It uniquely uses silver tones to produce a warm atmostphere. Its fine adjustments in tone and color also produce a soft matte look without affecting depth and detail. Hideaway perfectly captures the comforting vibe of dim neighborhood cafes.

Summit Heights

Preset Description +

Summit Heights is a premium Lightroom preset that dramatically transforms outdoor photos and makes them stand out. It coats images with gentle sunlit hues and draws out understated cool tones like aqua and teal. These blend well with the softened, mattified, colors of a vast landscape.


Preset Description +

Rouge is a premium Lightroom preset that you can use in dark or nighttime photographs. It takes full advanatage of accent lighting and dim tones, and infuses them with a deep red and soft blue motif. The atmosphere it creates is undeniably cinematic.


Preset Description +

Rosette is a premium Lightroom preset that transforms photos by infusing them with tender shades of pink and peach. Its fine adjustments in color and tone create such an elegant blend of rose-colored hues. As a result, Rosette always adds a distinct character and a stylish, playful, charm.

Soft Radiance

Preset Description +

Soft Radiance is a premium Lightroom preset that creates mild hues ideal for newborn photography. It enhances the photos of babies and children, from their skin tones to their adorable expressions. Its matte and airy motif, too, gives off a feeling of tenderness and innocence.


Preset Description +

Reverie is a premium Lightroom preset that creates an artistic look for outdoor photography. It specializes on images that feature trees and various greenery. Its undersaturated and modified green and browns make nature look tender yet dramatic. It is ideal for portraits and fashion photography.

Old Town

Preset Description +

Old Town is a premium Lightroom preset that intricately deepens tones and softens colors. It, therefore, gives photos a dramatic atmosphere with its dim aesthetic. This is such an artistic preset to use: it heightens and augments the specific mood of your image.

Deep Dive

Preset Description +

Deep Dive premium Lightroom preset creates stunning deep blue hues. It also produces nuanced tones for added depth and intensity. This is one of the few summer beach presets that specialize on underwater photography. The matte effect that it creates also adds to its vast and carefree charm.

Morning Coffee

Preset Description +

Morning Coffee is a premium Lightroom preset that infuses images with coffee hues. Its complex brown style adds a cozy elegance to the image. It creates deep tones, too, that make the photo’s elements more defined.

Indie Fields

Preset Description +

Indie Fields is a premium Lightroom preset that produces soft, undersaturated, matte tones that are perfect for portraits and fashion photography. It is ideal for outdoor images taken under bright and diffused lighting. It is a versatile and stylish aesthetic that you can try on your blogs and social media feed.

Sunset Bay

Preset Description +

Sunset Bay is a premium Lightroom preset that thoroughly enhances photos of sunsets by the beach. It expertly draws out the orange and teal hues of sea, sand, and sky. Its complex settings transform much of the tones yet retain the natural look of your images.

High Key

Preset Description +

High Key is a premium Lightroom preset designed specially for photographs with bright and mostly white backgrounds. This helps diffuse light and soften highlights in various scenes, from casual outdoor photography to indoor flatlay or studio shoots. Its mild, versatile, aesthetic makes it perfect for blogging and as an Instagram filter.


Preset Description +

Dusk is a premium Lightroom preset that brings out the dramatic intensity of any scene. It produces a great contrast between light and dark tones. Although it mostly looks dim, it artistically draws out bold red-orange accents in the photo.If you like the charm of autumn colors and want them to appear luxuriously amplified, this is the preset to go for.

High Tea

Preset Description +

High Tea premium Lightroom preset draws out the sweetness of pastries and the comfort of afternoon tea. It creates mild and inviting hues that are soft and easy on the eyes. Its pastel colors make food and dessert look so delectable without overly intensifying color and tone.

Summer Glaze

Preset Description +

Summer Glaze premium Lightroom preset draws out tropical hues and makes them appear soft yet sweet. It reminds us of candy colors yet in pastel tones. This summer preset makes beach photos look colorful, playful, and simply unforgettable. If you want a gentle yet colorful look, this is the one to go for.

Autumnal Shroud

Preset Description +

Autumnal Shroud is a premium Lightroom preset that creates a dramatic mood with dim autumn hues. It accentuates warm and copper tones as it understurates cool hues. The muted aesthetic it produces gives photos an undrestated elegance that rely on nuanced tones. It is great for creating cinematic or moody portraits and landscapes.

Tropical Tangerine

Preset Description +

Tropical Tangerine is a premium Lightroom preset that gives photos a stylish tropical warmth. It creates a muted matte texture that adds a classic cinematic charm. Its signature aesthetic is anchored on aqua and tangerine hues; you can think of it as a light and airy edition of the popular orange and teal preset.


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