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Top Free Lightroom Presets

Warm Retro

by Forrest Lane +

Warm Retro is a free Lightroom preset that simulates the warmth of vintage photos for a soft and timeless appeal. Images appear brighter but slightly muted. It is a simple and versatile look that can be useful in various types of photography.

A man and a woman dressed in orange with a hippie vibe


by Silky Presets +

Float is a free Lightroom preset that evens out the exposure of any photo and reduces excessive shadows in portraits. You may use this to finely tweak images that were taken outdoors, where lighting can largely be dependent on unpredictable weather, and where surrounding structures may cast unwanted shadows on the subject’s face. Its versatility makes it essential to many post-processing workflows.

Float Preset Landscape photo of hiker on dock by Ocean Scene with Mountains

Blue Sky Dream

by PresetLove.com +

Blue Sky Dream is a free Lightroom preset that gives life and warmth to your landscape photos. This helps you capture nature’s majestic beauty in every outdoor scene that you photograph. It gives enchantingly vivid colors, especially for green and blue hues. The varied textures in the landscape are also sharpened so that the details are accentuated. This preset works best on images of vast skies and lush fields.

Pop Portrait

by Forrest Lane +

A great preset for adding a little ‘Pop’ to your Portraits!

Smart Warmer

by Silky Presets +

Smart Warmer is a free Lightroom preset that gently warms your entire image while keeping skin tones looking natural. It enhances portraits by giving them a tender, charming feel. Its softened hues also give photos a classic and timeless aesthetic.

Smart Warmer PresetLove Feature

Shadow Crusher

by Preset Love +

This is one of our most popular presets that crushes shadows!

Shadow Crusher - Preset Love Preset

Vintage Garden

by Forrest Lane +

This preset brings out the verdant greens of vegetation in garden and nature scenes but does so with a vintage, classic look.

Wedding Smiles

by Preset Love +

Get a soft yet bright look for your wedding photos with the wedding smiles preset. Great for wedding portraits!

Clean Free Lightroom Presets


by Redd Photo +

Film Free Lightroom Presets

Drama Queen

by Silky Presets +

Add drama, glamor and style to your portrait photos.

Portrait Free Lightroom Presets


by Silky Presets +

Winter inspired preset, princess, creates beautiful portraits and scenes of a winter wonderland.

Free Princess Lightroom Preset

Portra 160

by Forrest Lane +

Love the classic look of Kodak Portra film, but love the convenience of digital cameras? This is the preset for you!