A woman's portrait with a cherry blossom tree in the background

Matte Pink

Matte Pink is a soft matte Lightroom preset that infuses images with a charming cherry blossom pink hue. It is a striking versatile look that can be applied to many types of photography, including indoor and outdoor portraiture. The unique and subtle aesthetic can make your photos cohesive!

Collection: Pink Presets, Soft Matte Presets, Instagram Presets,
Best for: Travel photography, Outdoor portraiture
Style: Pinkish hues, High matte

We love using this preset for Lightroom four outdoor photos. It adds a touch of pink, just the right amount of accent. The result is also quite retro, depending on your photo’s dominant colors. The example below shows rich and deep pink tones.

Creates a Matte Aesthetic

Classic Look. Notice the mattified look in the After photo. Rose tones complement the subject’s skin tone very well; it layers the entire image yet does not overpower it. See how cool colors appear even more saturated, while warm hues are now more subdued.

Look at how the pink hues blend with the warm tones, in this case, with the browns and yellows. The result looks so creative! Notice that the photo now has a style that matches the analog film style.

Adds Magenda and Pink Tones

Rose Tint. What is particularly striking about this preset is how it unifies multiple elements in the photograph. It extracts particular magenta hues throughout the image and levels them. The flowers in the background above now have hues that appear similar to the girl’s hair. The entire photo now looks cohesive too!

As you can see in the After photo above, this preset looks great on children’s photos. We also have a pink newborn preset for babies! That has a tender look, with pastel tones that highlight features. The mood is also so tender and homey.

Produces a Lively and Cinamatic Look

Vibrant. The After photo above is clearly more attractive. It is now a dynamic, cinematic, scene. The pinkish hues add an air of romance, too; instead of simply being a still shot, the image gives an impression of a lively scene.

Take a look at the colors, too! Among all our pink presets for Lightroom, this is the most vibrant and colorful. Its bold tones and crisp details just always produce a professional aesthetic.

Brightens and Optimizes Color Vibrance

Bright. To further add life to the shot, the preset brightens images with increases in vibrance and whites. See how the sky in the After photo looks sunnier and more vast than the original. You can notice more details and textures on the jacket as well, thanks to the preset’s moderate sharpening adjustment.

Amplifies Texture for a Moody Feel

Moody and Detailed. The strength of this Matte Pink preset is its punchy yet subtle mood, all thanks to a fine adjustment in the tone curve. The overall mattified look is dramatic yet not harsh; it transforms images without making them look artificial.

If you want something less intense in tone and texture, you may try our pink travel preset. It has balanced tones and a smooth, clear, finish.

Matte Pink is for Lightroom Mobile, Desktop and…

Like all our Lightroom Presets, you can absolutely use Matte Pink as is, right out of the box. With any preset, you might need to make adjustments to accommodate your specific camera, settings, lighting, and subject matter.

  • Entirely Adjustable
  • Designed for Adobe Lightroom for PC, Mac, and Mobile
  • Includes Lrtemplate and XMP preset formats for Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic desktop apps
  • Includes DNG preset format for the free Lightroom mobile app
  • Applicable to both RAW and JPG images
  • 100% Free Preset Download

Need help with the presets? You can visit our guide to learn how to install Lightroom presets.

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