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Favorite Free Lightroom Presets

  Staff Favorites

Blue Sky Dream

by +

Blue Sky Dream is a free Lightroom preset that gives life and warmth to your landscape photos. This helps you capture nature’s majestic beauty in every outdoor scene that you photograph. It gives enchantingly vivid colors, especially for green and blue hues. The varied textures in the landscape are also sharpened so that the details are accentuated. This preset works best on images of vast skies and lush fields.

Orange and Teal

by +

This Orange and Teal free lightroom preset does a great job at bringing out the orange and teal colors in photos. It increases contrast, decreases highlights and adds shadows and whites. Increasing clarity it mixes colors in a unique way to create a powerful take on the popular orange and teal motif.

Orange and Teal Free Lightroom Presets

Elegant Wedding

by Chic Presets +

Elegant Wedding is a free Lightroom preset that gives wedding photos a lively and stylish feel. Its color enhancements will make your shots look as festive as the occasion, while its adjustments in brilliance will illuminate those special moments and make them unforgettable. This wedding preset can be used for both indoor and outdoor shots, regardless of lighting types. Its adjustments will be enough to brighten and temper the tones in your photos.

If you are looking for a versatile filter that is quick and easy to use during an event, go for this Elegant Wedding preset.

A bright wedding photo of a couple outdoors

Autumn Skies

by Contrastly +

Autumn Skies is a free Lightroom preset dedicated to your photos of the autumn season. It enhances fall colors in landscape photos. You will get warm and soft brown hues that will enhance the look and feel of the scenery. This filter does not distort colors, but rather enhances them.

A man standing at the farthest end of the road lined with trees in autumn leaves

Chocolate Matte

by BeArt +

Chocolate Matte is a free Lightroom preset that adds a timeless feel to your photos without reducing clarity. It uniquely brings out the warmth of the captured moment, making even the simplest shot look like a cinematic scene. A warm subtle haze blends with the images for a crisp vintage look.

Chocolate Matte PresetLove free preset

Shadow Crusher

by Preset Love +

Shadow Crusher is a free Lightroom preset that saturates images with bold vivid tones. Its dark and dramatic aesthetic is similar to a cross-processed photograph or a modern urban artwork.

Try to make a loud statement with this preset’s intense look. With its complex audacious style, Shadow Crusher will leave an impression as unforgettable as it looks.

A vignetted shot of a woman on top of a mountain

Lens Flare

by Contrastly +

Lens Flare is a free Lightroom preset that simulates lens flares in any photo. It adds an air of spontaneity, and an in-the-moment sense of drama. Because of this inescapable phenomenon when taking photos outdoors, people now associate it raw, unedited, images.

A photo of a landscape with added lens flare


by Contrastly +

Cinematic is a free Lightroom preset that mutes and desaturates tones to give photos a dramatic and cinematic look. This film effect will make images appear visually striking. You may also use it to further give your shots a contemplative mood, depending on the look and feel that you are going for. This works best in images with strong lighting.

Try it in urban shots, portraits, and other captures that deserve a cinematic treatment.

A cinematic image of a woman leaning out the car window with her arm outstretched

Hipster I

by John +

Hipster I is a free Lightroom preset that takes your photos and gives them that extra edge and ambiance. This Hipster preset was inspired by rimmed glasses, beards, fixed-gear bikes, bow-ties, and avoiding the mainstream. You know a hipster when you see one and this filter helps you see one in the photos you take.

A bright and high-contrast portrait of a bearded man

Vintage BW

by +

Vintage BW Preset is a free Lightroom preset that makes new photo look old again by dramatically removing bright colors. It is less saturated and often have a flat feel that turns all other hues to black and white. It sometimes adds brown tones in shadows, increasing whites and clarity while decreasing highlights. Vintage preset produces a good outcome in taking your new pictures back in time. It gives that nostalgic effect.

Vintage BW Preset Free Lightroom Presets

  Favorite Black & White Presets

Fujifilm Neopan

by Contrastly +

Fujifilm Neopan is a free Lightroom preset that transforms colored images to highly defined monochrome photos, based on the popular Fujifilm Neopan film. This preset also tints its distinct black and white tones to produce deep, chocolate brown, tones. It is darker and more dramatic than a regular sepia. Because of these rich tones, the preset gets to reinvent a classic look for an elegant and artistic appeal.

A monochrome film image of a woman walking down the stairs

Black and Blue

by Forrest Lane +

Black and Blue free Lightroom preset converts images to monochrome and gives it a distinct cool polish. Its tones are rich and vivid. It is not an ordinary black and white filter: the preset adds a layer of complexity to every shot.

Even in the absence of color, the preset makes visual elements pop out. You can therefore use this understated look to enhance the mood or emotion that you are portraying.

Black and white photo of sightseeing binoculars

Rouge Mono

by Forrest Lane +

Rouge Mono is a free Lightroom preset that transforms colored photographs to a magenta-tinted monochrome. Unlike the common sepia look, this effect produces bright, softer, and richer tones. It artistically creates a nostalgic effect without looking too traditional.

A reddish monochrome photo of an urban street

B&W Nights

by Preset Love +

B&W Nights is a free black and white Lightroom preset designed for night photography. Its high-contrast tones have true blacks and brilliant whites. It works best on nighttime urban scenes with numerous light sources, like street lamps or headlights. Because of these intensified tones, this monochrome preset — even in the absence of color — will give you a sense of dynamic vibrance.

A black and white nighttime photograph of a street