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Favorite Free Lightroom Presets

A warm and vibrant photo of a corgi and a terrier, with a dog preset applied

Family Pet

Family Pet free Lightroom preset captures the adorable charm of your family pets. It brings out as many of their unique features as possible, from their captivating eyes to their rich fur patterns. Collection: Dog...

A photo of a highway from a biker's perspective, with a reflection of a couple in its side mirror

Vacation Memory

Vacation Memory is a free Lightroom preset that gives your captured moments a classic look and feel with its bright and warm mid-contrast tones. This aesthetic replicates the Kodak Ultramax 800 film, from its ISO...

A man and a woman dressed in orange with a hippie vibe

Warm Retro

Warm Retro is one of our top vintage Lightroom presets because of its warm but complex hues. It so elegantly simulates the style of vintage photos. Images always appear brighter, slightly muted, but clearly defined....

A professional head shot of a woman

Portraiture I

The Portraiture I will take your portrait photos and elevate them to the next level. This preset highlights detail, makes shadows rise, and bestows gravitas upon any image. It is perfect for portraits and works...

A winter landscape with aqua tint

White Snow

White Snow free Lightroom preset adds a serene layer of aqua onto winter photos. It also heightens the cold look and feel with its softened tones. All its refined effects give images a dramatic and...

A vignetted photo of a bride and groom strolling in a field

Wedding Smiles

Wedding Smiles is a free Lightroom preset that brightens and intensifies tones in wedding photos. Its high-contrast look effectively reflects the emotions of the special occasion. It also generates an ethereal glow that works best in...

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