7 Lightroom Presets to Upgrade Your Instagram Look

Lightroom presets to upgrade your Instagram Look | PresetLove

Many of us are now working from home because of the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic. More people are now online these days, too, whether for work or just to have something to do.

Several of our PresetLove users reached out for specific presets to use on their websites and social media. They are on the right track; it is now a good time to work on your online presence especially if you are on Instagram.

Lightroom presets not only enhance the look of your photos but also help set up your feed.

How to Set Up Your Instagram Look

Instagram now has over 1 billion users. If you are setting your Instagram up for business, or if you simply want to make it memorable, you need to have a signature look. In such an enormous visual platform, this will be the style that your audience would associate with you and your brand.

1. Determine Your Style Based on Your Content

While it is tempting to just go with whatever look you feel like, it is important to keep the aesthetic relevant to what you are posting. If you have images of dishes and desserts, for example, choose a colorful but true-to-life food preset. A monochrome effect may look dramatic, but not appetizing.

2. Choose a Consistent Mood

Mood and visual style go hand in hand. If you want something bold, consider using urban presets. If something cozy and approachable, use soft and matte presets.

It can be overwhelming to choose over many styles, and that is exactly why Lightroom presets are useful. They are easy to use: download several of them and try out as many as you want.

Presets are also easy to install and are absolutely beginner-friendly. View our Lightroom preset guide here.

3. Apply the Style Throughout Your Feed

You can only establish your visual identity on Instagram if you make it consistent. Applying your chosen style or Lightroom preset to all images would give your feed a professional, cohesive, look and feel.

It is a look that you have to commit to. If you want to browse first to be sure, here’s our collection of 300+ presets that you can download for free.

Tip: you can use the same Lightroom preset but tweak some settings like exposure and contrast.

Finally, do not forget to check how your Instagram feed looks in grid format. You can plan the order of your posts based on it.

Free Instagram Presets

Pastel Warm

Best for: Portraits, Outdoors, Fashion
Style: Soft, Warm Pastel

Pastel Warm gives photos a soft and warm look by adding complex brown tones. This elegant pastel accent make the preset ideal for various types of photography.

Urban cool preset On Top Selfie

Urban Cool

Best for: Street Photography, Cityscapes, Indoor and Outdoor Portraits
Syle: Cool Blue, Clear Tones

Urban Cool intensifies cool hues by blending adding green, blue, and violet tones. It also boosts saturation to make images look modern and vibrant.

Elegant Wedding

Best for: Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Photos
Style: Bright, Soft Tones, Detailed

Elegant Wedding adds a lively and stylish feel. Its color enhancements will make your shots look as festive as the occasion, while its adjustments in brilliance will illuminate those special moments and make them unforgettable.

Orange and Teal Preset City skyscraper scene

Orange and Teal

Best For: Urban Scenes, Travel Photography
Style: Orange and Teal Motif, Cinematic Tones

This Orange and Teal preset does a great job at bringing out the orange and teal colors in photos. It mixes colors in a unique way to create a powerful take on the popular orange-teal cinematic motif.

A family portrait of a mom in a red dress embracing her two boys

Magic Moments

Best for: Outdoor, Travel, Family Portraits
Style: Soft Matte, Muted Greens, Warm, Vibrant

Magic Moments preset gives photos a nostalgic warmth. It combines the charms of classic retro and soft matte for that tender and memorable look. Images will appear bright and rich in detail.

Chocolate Matte Living Room

Chocolate Matte

Best for: Natural Lighting, Indoors & Outdoors
Style: Brown Tones, Matte, Cinematic, Film

Chocolate Matte adds a timeless feel to your photos by adding elegant brown tones. It makes even the simplest shot look like a cinematic scene.

Santorini White

Best for: Bright White Scenes, High-Key Photos
Style: Neutral Whites, Vibrant Tones

Santorini White infuses your photos with the unmistakable look and feel of Santorini, Greece. The resulting images will have neutral whites, cool hues, and vibrant tones.

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Where can I get more free presets?

Check out over 300 free Lightroom presets! Or, save time and instantly download all 300+ presets plus 21 premium presets. You can view and get the preset bundle here. 📸

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PresetLove.com Guide - How to Install Lightroom Presets

How do I use your presets?

We’ll walk you through it. It is easy to install Lightroom presets! You can learn how to use them on both Lightroom mobile and desktop. Go through our step-by-step guide here.

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