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A soft portrait of a woman wearing a white button-down shirt by the beach

Soft Shadows

Fix My Photo is a series of free Lightroom presets that are designed to help you solve the usual problems in photography. Each targets a specific element in light, tone,

A sharp and vivid portrait of a woman

Life Portrait

Life Portrait is a free Lightroom preset that produces clear and professional portraits. The resulting images will appear smooth and sophisticated because of the preset’s subtle magenta hues. Best of

A cinematic photo of a woman sitting down and leaning beside a vintage car

Movie Star

Movie Star preset that adds a soft retro warmth and a cinematic atmosphere. It applies dramatic tones that are ideal for all types of portraits. Its film aesthetic also comes

Reverie Blogger Lightroom Preset by PresetLove


Reverie is a premium fashion Lightroom preset that creates a stylish look with unsaturated hues. It coats images with a soft layer of warm color temperature. Its light tones also

A colorful city skyline


Sweetheart is a free Lightroom preset that has subtle violet tones that give photos a soft dramatic effect. This is ideal for portraits and other scenes that call for a

A sepia monochrome photo of a couple walking across a field

Retro Wedding

Retro Wedding free Lightroom preset gives wedding photos a classic sepia look. This vintage monochrome style looks rich because of its warm brown accent tones. These make the shots expressive

Rouge Premium Blue and Red Lightroom Preset by PresetLove


Rouge is a premium Lightroom preset that sets a deep rose and aqua color motif. It intricately transforms cool hues to dark shades of aqua-blue and warm colors to rich

A portrait of a woman lounging on bed with white sheets

Home Portrait

Home Portrait free Lightroom preset optimizes lighting, color, and tone in indoor portraits. It does well on images with uneven or dim lighting. It specifically draws out and enhances the

A couple sitting on a rock and viewing a tropical scenery


Couple free Lightroom preset specializes in portraits of couples because of how well it draws out the photo’s emotions and romantic atmosphere. It produces rich, deep, midtones and adds a

A group of women doing morning yoga at the beach

Yoga Sunrise

Yoga Sunrise free Lightroom preset creates a blend of soft and airy hues to produce the look of sunrise. It captures the calm, quiet, feel of a morning yoga practice.

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