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A woman blowing snow to the camera


Princess is a free Lightroom preset that is designed to bring winter photos to life. Even with the abundance of whites, this preset makes photos interesting by adding subtle warm

A warm photo of a street lined with flowering trees


Grace is a free Lightroom preset that elegantly warms and brightens photos. It is a versatile preset that can be used on any indoor and outdoor image, regardless of its

A bright photo of a couple in denim jackets


Brightening is a free Lightroom preset that brings photos to life by amplifying light and colors. Visual elements become vivid without being too intense. Textures are also moderately softened to

A matte monochrome photo of an analog camera

Detailed Matte

Detailed Matte is a free black and white Lightroom preset that transforms your photos to classic monochrome. It has a distinct soft matte texture that will bring you back to

A vivid gold portrait of a woman in a lush field

Honey Taste

Honey Taste is a free Lightroom preset that tones images with radiant golden hues. This artistic preset adds dazzling intensity to the unsaturated colors that make way for sweet honey

A photo of a couple in ektachrome film style


This Ektachrome preset can make your photos authentically look like they were captured using an analog camera. Not only that, this film preset even simulates the unique look of the

A high definition portrait of a man in the fields

Film Portrait

Film Portrait is a free Lightroom preset that is designed to produce stunning professional portraits. It reveals the features of the subject and processes images to give them a modern

An enhanced protrait of a woman at a balcony

Pop Portrait

Pop Portrait is a free Lightroom preset that adds a little ‘pop’ to your portraits. It brightens photos, makes colors vibrant, and adds a stylish flair. Its adjustments are designed

Warm Pastel travel photo of a woman wearing a coat and peach scarf

Urban Warm

Urban Warm is a free Lightroom preset that gives photos a historical yet timeless feel. Its warm coffee brown hues elegantly emphasize architectural features. It accentuates details and mutes colors to

TVK Preset by Presetlove.com


TVK is a free Lightroom preset that darkens and equalizes contrasts in a photo and adds vignetting to complete a charming and natural look. What you get is a dramatic

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Free urban Lightroom presets by PresetLove

20 Best Free Urban Lightroom Presets

Urban or street photography has its own demands. The photo should look as dynamic as the scene that is often dense with elements and accent...

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