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A yellowish photo of a woman sitting on a bench facing the sea

Yellow Dream Film

As you can tell by its name, this Yellow Dream preset adds a yellow film tint to images. This blends beautifully with its soft but accented tones. Its adjustments can

A modern urban landscape

Urban Life

Urban Life is a free Lightroom preset that gives urban and street photos a dramatic bold look. Its tones look rich and deep. It accentuates depth and draws out a

A vibrant portrait of a woman wearing yellow pants and sunglasses

Perfect Portra

Perfect Portra free Lightroom preset makes portraits look stylishly cinematic with its dramatic tones. It also undersaturates hues to create an elegant matte look. You can use this preset on

A photo collage of PresetLove's Arctic Silver bright landscape Lightroom preset

Arctic Silver

Arctic Silver is a premium Lightroom preset that we specifically designed for cold mountain landscapes. It enhances both the look and feel of frigid regions. It may be an arctic

Coastal Breeze premium landscape Lightroom preset by Preset Love

Coastal Breeze

Coastal Breeze is a premium Lightroom preset that produces undersaturated greens and rich browns in landscape photos. Its elegant color motif and airy matte texture emphasize the relaxing atmosphere of

Indie Fields light and airy Lightroom preset by Preset Love

Indie Fields

Indie Fields is a premium Lightroom preset that elegantly applies a light rustic boho aesthetic. It produces warm pastel tones that are ideal for blogs, fashion, and travel photography. Overall,

Reverie Blogger Lightroom Preset by PresetLove


Reverie is a premium fashion Lightroom preset that creates a stylish look with unsaturated hues. It coats images with a soft layer of warm color temperature. Its light tones also

A car driving off in an open highway

Cinematic One

Cinematic One is a free Lightroom preset that gives photos a cool cinematic aesthetic. It has a charming mate texture that helps enhance mood and draw out drama. Its unsaturated

Summer Glaze - Premium Orange & Teal Lightroom preset for vacation and beach photos by PresetLove

Summer Glaze

Summer Glaze is a premium Lightroom preset that gives your vacation photos a tropical orange and teal treatment. It also glazes your images with sweet warm tones and a matte

Soft Radiance White Light and Airy Preset from PresetLove

Soft Radiance

Soft Radiance premium Lightroom preset produces luxurious bright and neutral whites that are ideal for blog and social media photos. Its aesthetic adds an elegant matte touch to product flat

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Free urban Lightroom presets by PresetLove

20 Best Free Urban Lightroom Presets

Urban or street photography has its own demands. The photo should look as dynamic as the scene that is often dense with elements and accent...

Top Free Black and White Lightroom Presets for Mobile and Desktop - PresetLove

50+ Free Black and White Lightroom Presets

Here are PresetLove's top free black and white Lightroom presets! These monochrome presets are in various styles that are guaranteed to produce compelling photographs.

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