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Flora Falls II

May 23, 2018

by John

landscape adobe lightroom preset

Red Dawn I

May 19, 2018

by John


May 2, 2018

by John

Portraiture I

April 29, 2018

by John


April 21, 2018

by John

Dark Dreams 1

March 20, 2018

by Forrest Lane

divina Lolla

February 15, 2018


Le Louvre

January 14, 2018

by FaiR

Dark Desire

December 24, 2017

by Arun Babu Thomas

Old BlacknWhite

December 22, 2017

by Jen Brady

Urban Life

December 17, 2017

by Yannik Mika

Urban Life Preset

Autumn vintage

December 16, 2017

by Beate von Horn

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Warm Retro

by Forrest Lane


by Silky Presets

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Blue Sky Dream

by Preset Love

Pop Portrait

by Forrest Lane

Smart Warmer

by Silky Presets

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Shadow Crusher

by Preset Love

Shadow Crusher - Preset Love Preset

Vintage Garden

by Forrest Lane

Wedding Smiles

by Preset Love

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Author Spotlight: Forrest Lane

A mysterious photographer and entrepreneur from the southeast United States, Forrest Lane was born in a fishing town and draws his inspiration from the sea. He's crafted nearly a million Lightroom presets and shared the best with us at Preset Love.

Dark Dreams 1

by Forrest Lane

Sweet Fade

by Forrest Lane

Superior Grain

by Forrest Lane

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Strong Reveal Brush

by Roz de-Layen Vian


by Forrest Lane

Background blur

by Roz de-Layen Vian

Landscape Brush

by Roz de-Layen Vian

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Sky Brush

by Roz de-Layen Vian

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Reveal Brush

by Roz de-Layen Vian

Brush Free Lightroom Presets

Enhanced Brush

by Roz de-Layen Vian

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