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Macro Preset by Presetlove.com


Macro free Lightroom preset refines extreme close-up or outdoor macro photography. It is perfect for nature and wildlife photography as it helps reveal details and texture that might not be

Sport Free Lightroom Presets


This Sport free Lightroom preset is impeccable in taking active sports and action photographs from your trips to the ballpark to a soccer field. It gives life to athletic pictures

Vibrant orange sunglasses on the sand


Vibrant is a free Lightroom preset that brings out the colors of an image. It applies unique graduated filters that recreate the warmth and brightness of sunlight. Not only do

A woman in the middle of a desert

Mostly Clear

Mostly Clear free Lightroom preset is versatile to use on any photo. It makes images crisp, clear, and vividly colorful. If you are looking for a preset to use across

Warm photo of a boy playing on the monkey bars

Best Years

Best Years is a free Lightroom preset that gives portraits a bright film look. It has brilliant whites and a unique vibrant matte aesthetic. It also draws out colors and

A man standing on a vibrant green mountain landscape

Rain Clouds

Rain Clouds is a free Lightroom preset that adds a dark and mysterious look to photos of landscapes. It also produces deep and vivid colors, even with all its dimming

A man on top of a vivid and colorful landscape


Landscape free Lightroom preset is all you need when enhancing landscape shots. This will bring out all the breathtaking hues and tones. All of its settings are optimized for nature

A vibrant cityscape of Dubai, with the Burj Al Arab at the center

HDR Grand Hotel

HDR Grand Hotel free Lightroom preset artistically produces intense blue hues. It draws out the vibrant atmosphere of a cityscape or any urban scene. This look is perfect for emphasizing

A high-contrast portrait of a man wearing a blue scarf

Contrasty Portrait

Contrasty Portrait is a free Lightroom preset that gives portraits a brilliant, colorful, and bold look. It produces rich vibrant colors that are enhanced by custom film tones. It is

A film vintage photo of a woman sitting at the edge of a cliff

Colormatic 100

Colormatic 100 is a free Lightroom preset that creates a bright and high-contrast style. Its colorful settings easily give images a lively look and feel. It is ideal for travel

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