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Black and white photo of sightseeing binoculars

Black and Blue

Black and Blue free Lightroom preset converts images to monochrome and gives it a distinct cool polish. Its tones are rich and vivid. It is not an ordinary black and

A reddish monochrome photo of an urban street

Rouge Mono

Rouge Mono is a free Lightroom preset that transforms colored photographs to a magenta-tinted monochrome. Unlike the common sepia, this effect produces bright, softer, and richer tones. It artistically creates

A warm and bright black and white photo of an analog camera with a strap

B&W Infrared

B&W Infrared simulates the look of black and white infrared photography. It produces monochromatic film images that are bright and deeply toned. With this film preset, you can easily get

A matte monochrome photo of an analog camera

Detailed Matte

Detailed Matte is a free black and white Lightroom preset that transforms your photos to classic monochrome. It has a distinct soft matte texture that will bring you back to

Rich Mono Preset by Presetlove.com

Rich Mono

Rich Mono is a free Lightroom preset that turns colorful images into black and white. This monochromatic preset adds not only black and white tones but also a sepia tint

Vintage BW Preset Free Lightroom Presets

Vintage BW

Vintage BW makes new photos look old again by removing bright colors. It is less saturated and often has a flat feel that turns all other hues to black and

Old BlacknWhite Free Lightroom Presets

Old BlacknWhite

The Old BlacknWhite Preset is a free lightroom preset that works best with a wide variety of photos from portraits to landscapes. It gives photos a stunning high-contrast black and

Black & White OX Preset Free Lightroom Presets

Black & White OX

Black & White OX is a free Lightroom preset that transforms your colored photos into crisp black and white. This preset sharpens and adds texture to your images that give

A black and white photo of Christmas lights in someone's hand


Subject is a free black and white Lightroom preset that converts colored images to professional monochrome. It is optimized for all types of photography, from portraits to landscapes. Its vivid

A black and white photo of a couple kissing

Zen Film B&W

Zen Film B&W free Lightroom preset transforms photos into warm black and white. It lightly tints bright areas with brown tones to accentuate its monochrome look and enhance the mood

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34 Best Lightroom Presets for Landscapes

We gathered the best Lightroom presets for landscapes that look great on outdoor and travel photos. These are specially designed to enhance your scenic shots...

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