A vintage shot of a man strolling in a garden

Vintage Garden

Vintage Garden replicates the aesthetic of old gardening books, based on the style of old film cameras and vintage print. It brightens, warms, and mutes some tones by tweaking the image’s color channels. With this preset, you can easily bring out the moment’s sunny, cozy, and nostalgic feel.

Collection: Film Presets, Vintage Presets
Best for: Gardens and Landscapes
Style: Undersaturated, Light, Old Film

Use this preset for well-lit images, ideally outdoors. Its brightening enhancements will add some faded or muted effects to your photos. Try it on a snapshot of your garden, a greenhouse, or any lush verdant scenery.

Infuses Photos with a Vintage Warmth

A couple sharing an umbrella while walking on tilled soil

A Nostalgic Air. There is something particularly nostalgic about desaturated photos. The retro style that this Vintage Garden applies is, after all, something that many of us are familiar with. In addition to the muted look, there is that tinge of magenta apparent on darker colors. In the photo above, for example, you can notice this pinkish hue coating the soil.

The upper half of the After photo is also noticeably warmer in color temperature. The sky is yellowish in hue, as is common in old photographs. To underscore this homey atmosphere further, the preset increases the exposure and adds the usual lens vignetting.

Simulates the Style of Early Colored Prints

A vintage photo of a red plant on an old teapot

The Late 70s. The After photo above looks like an authentic print from the late 70s. This Vintage Garden preset does a great job replicating these visual elements. For one, it adds some blue tones to highlights and shadows for that needed hazy feel.

This effect was produced because of a narrow dynamic range and the technological limitations of early printers. To enhance the colors, however, the preset reasonably increases contrast. This ensures that the result will remain rich in color, even with an old faded style. It is exactly because of these settings that it is the most convincing analog nature preset among our vintage presets for Lightroom mobile and desktop.

Applies Detailed Color Enhancements

A matte vintage photo of a garden with orange floors

Vintage Flora. As a preset that features plant life, which includes a wide array of colorful flowers, several hues were adjusted. In addition to the vintage style discussed above, luminance and saturation were thoroughly tweaked:

  • Increased saturation for yellow and aqua hues
  • Decreased saturation for red, green, blue, purple, magenta, and orange hues
  • Increased luminance for orange hues

You can notice the amplified orange luminance in the sunnier brilliance of the After photo. It is sharper and more defined, too, thanks to the preset’s increase in sharpening.

You can also try our vintage fall preset. It has a similar matte aesthetic, but with richer earthy hues that are perfect for autumn.

Adds a Film Effect that Sets the Mood

A dramatic vintage shot of a ston garden path lined with foliage

Defines Mood. This specific look is intended to evoke a wistful and sentimental response. What makes this possible is also Vintage Garden’s unique handling of light in an image. See how the increase in overall vibrance lightens the mood of the photograph. There is a tender feel to it now.

In contrast to this, notice how the preset slightly sets plant colors apart by (1) decreasing the luminance of red, aqua, and blue colors, and (2) boosting clarity. You can appreciate more of the garden’s details because of these.

Try this preset on a snapshot of your garden, or any well-illuminated plant around you. Its old-school charm will make a nice addition to your personal albums, both digital (social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc.) and in print.

Vintage Garden is for Lightroom Mobile, Desktop and…

Like all our Lightroom Presets, you can absolutely use Vintage Garden as is, right out of the box. With any preset, you might need to make adjustments to accommodate your specific camera, settings, lighting, and subject matter.

  • Entirely Adjustable
  • Designed for Adobe Lightroom for PC, Mac, and Mobile
  • Includes Lrtemplate and XMP preset formats for Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic desktop apps
  • Includes DNG preset format for the free Lightroom mobile app
  • Applicable to both RAW and JPG images
  • 100% Free Preset Download

Need help with the presets? You can visit our guide to learn how to install Lightroom presets.

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