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A woman in the middle of a desert

Mostly Clear

Mostly Clear free Lightroom preset is versatile to use on any photo. It makes images crisp, clear, and vividly colorful. If you are looking for a preset to use across

Warm photo of a boy playing on the monkey bars

Best Years

Best Years is a free Lightroom preset that gives portraits a bright film look. It has brilliant whites and a unique vibrant matte aesthetic. It also draws out colors and

A man in a swing by the beach

Faded Holiday

Faded Holiday is a free Lightroom preset that creates a relaxing vacation atmosphere using cool film tones. Unlike other summer presets, this creates a unique holiday feel without using warm

A brightened elegant photo of a wedding bouquet

The Bouquet

The Bouquet is a free Lightroom preset that is designed to enhance your outdoor wedding photos for a romantic vibe. The preset mixes warm and cool colors and complements it

Black and white photo of a man running in a desert

B&W Highlights

B&W Highlights is a free Lightroom preset that converts photos to black and white monochrome. It maximizes the brilliance of the photo’s highlights and darkens blacks for contrast. It is

A brightened portrait of a girl taking a photo using an analog camera


Brilliance is the free Lightroom preset to use if you want to brighten images and keep them looking natural. It produces clean and clear photos with rich and vivid colors.

A man on top of a vivid and colorful landscape


Landscape free Lightroom preset is all you need when enhancing landscape shots. This will bring out all the breathtaking hues and tones. All of its settings are optimized for nature

A retro outdoor photo of a woman with the ocean behind her

Sunny Days

Sunny Days free Lightroom preset directs a spotlight to the photo’s subject. Its warm radial filter does this by simulating a direct yet soft sunlit look. This makes it ideal

A bright and vibrant photo of a man standing at the beach

Hot Tamale

Hot Tamale is a free Lightroom preset that optimizes a photo’s tones to produce vibrant and colorful landscapes. It is ideal for travel photos like beaches and dynamic urban scenes.

A high-contrast portrait of a man wearing a blue scarf

Contrasty Portrait

Contrasty Portrait is a free Lightroom preset that gives portraits a brilliant, colorful, and bold look. It produces rich vibrant colors that are enhanced by custom film tones. It is

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