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A bright photo of a landscape in winter

Winter Light

Winter Light free Lightroom preset gives your winter photos a magical feel. It accentuates the season’s mild hues with adjustments in contrast, saturation, and tones. Your photos will have artistic

A soft and cool photo of a grey couch with teal pillows

Hygge Interior

Hygge Interior free Lightroom preset draws out the serene Hygge look and feel. It visually interprets this Danish concept of joy and coziness in living spaces, from lighting to decor.

A warm and soft photo of a baby's feet

New Life

New Life free Lightroom preset has gorgeous soft pastels that capture the warmth and delicate beauty of newborn infants and children. It gives their photos a light airy softness that

A bright summer beach scene

Bright White

Bright White is a free Lightroom preset that brightens images with sunlit hues by optimizing light and dark tones. It gives a stylish look for a light and airy feel.

Featured bright wedding preset couple photo

Bright Wedding

Bright Wedding optimizes light and color in outdoor wedding photos. Every image will beautifully turn out bright and festive. All will have a warm yet soft look that’s specifically designed

Vivid Party Preset by Presetlove.com

Vivid Party

Vivid Party free Lightroom preset is designed to improve the colors of dull photos and make them pop. It helps you capture the lively and vibrant atmosphere of celebrations, culture, and

Macro Preset by Presetlove.com


Macro free Lightroom preset refines extreme close-up or outdoor macro photography. It is perfect for nature and wildlife photography as it helps reveal details and texture that might not be

Sport Free Lightroom Presets


This Sport free Lightroom preset is impeccable in taking active sports and action photographs from your trips to the ballpark to a soccer field. It gives life to athletic pictures

Vibrant orange sunglasses on the sand


Vibrant is a free Lightroom preset that brings out the colors of an image. It applies unique graduated filters that recreate the warmth and brightness of sunlight. Not only do

A Nikon analog camera on a table

TVK Film

TVK Film is a free Lightroom preset that gives images a classic analog aesthetic while retaining their natural look. Its deep and high-contrast tones add definition to portraits and scenes.

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