Preset Creator: Eugene Zhyvchik

Eugene Zhyvchik once worked as a city court lawyer who loved taking photos as a hobby. He eventually pursued his passion for photography.

For more than 5 years, he has worked as a professional event and music photographer. He travels a lot and captures his full experience and impressions in his photos. Eugene makes Lightroom presets as well to make his shots come alive even more.

He is available as a remote photo editor and photography mentor. You can see more and reach out to him on his website.

A warm and airy summer photo of a woman wearing a white shirt and denim shorts by the coast


Best for: Beaches, Coasts, Summer Scenes
Style: Warm, Light, Film

Lagos brings out the distinct look and feel of Lagos, Portugal. It gives images a soft matte look and a warm airy feel. All of the preset’s settings bring out the beauty of beaches, rock formations, and portraits — all with a relaxing vacation atmosphere.

A warm and vibrant photo of the Cinque Terre, with a film travel preset applied

Cinque Terre

Best for: Travel Photography, Landscapes
Style: Vibrant, Film Matte

Cinque Terre is a captivating landscape and travel preset that brings out the colorful radiance and dynamic atmosphere of coastal areas like Italy’s Cinque Terre, the beautiful place that this preset is named after.

Cabo da Roca film landscape Lightroom preset

Cabo da Roca

Best for: Landscapes and Coastal Scenes
Style: Natural Tones, Light, Warm, Serene

Cabo da Roca beautifully captures the relaxing look and feel of Portugal’s Cabo da Roca. The settings of this preset are tailored-fit for landscape and coastal scenery.