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Wildlife Preset Free Lightroom Presets


Wildlife free preset is designed for photos of animals, nature, and all wildlife. It improves the quality of photos by increasing color saturation and sharpening, which helps in bringing out

Urban Cool Free Lightroom Presets

Urban Cool

This is our top urban preset. Urban Cool just perfectly intensifies cool hues by adding green, blue, and violet tones. The effect is stunning. It also creates a moody feel

A stunning red landscape

Red Dawn I

Red Dawn I is one of our free Lightroom presets that adds a stunning red hue to your images. This preset will augment your images and make them stand out

A woman in the middle of a desert

Mostly Clear

Mostly Clear free Lightroom preset is versatile to use on any photo. It makes images crisp, clear, and vividly colorful. If you are looking for a preset to use across

A vintage photo of someone's hand extended towards a landscape scene


Views is a free Lightroom preset that creates a vintage film look specifically for outdoor photography. It optimizes tones and colors of landscapes and even skin tones. It is ideal

A man in a swing by the beach

Faded Holiday

Faded Holiday is a free Lightroom preset that creates a relaxing vacation atmosphere using cool film tones. Unlike other summer presets, this creates a unique holiday feel without using warm

A top-view photo of black shoes on grass

Hard Blacks

Hard Blacks is a free Lightroom preset that draws out the blacks in a photo to make them look dramatic. It makes shadows and midtones look deeply defined, resulting in

A grainy film landscape


Utah is a free Lightroom preset that enhances landscape elements and applies beautiful classic film tones. Its retro look reproduces the charming style of analog photography. If you want a

A clear photo of a mountain landscape

Foggy Horizon

Foggy Horizon free Lightroom preset makes landscape photos crisp and clear. It draws out strong tones to fully add depth and definition. This is the best preset to use if

A man and a woman running across a desert

Warm Orange Fog

Warm Orange Fog is a free Lightroom preset that coats images with a light orange tint. It softens tones and warms the entire scene. Its distinct style is ideal for

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