Preset Creator: Presetpro

Tim Martin of Presetpro is a full-time photographer and traveler. He got into designing his own Lightroom presets as he was developing his passion for photography. He launched his preset websites, including Prestpro, to share his work with fellow enthusiasts and to growing online community.

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A cinematic photo of a woman sitting down and leaning beside a vintage car

Movie Star

Best for: Indoor Scenes, Portraits, Fashion Photography
Style: Cinematic, Retro, Warm Tones, Matte

Movie Star adds a soft, dramatic, retro warmth and a cinematic atmosphere. It applies complex tones that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor portraits.

A bright and vibrant cityscape

HDR Scape

Best for: Street Photography, Urban Scenes
Style: Modern, Vibrant, Bold Tones

HDR Scape gives urban and street photography a stunning and immersive HDR look. It has clear, high-contrast, tones and crisp textures.

A black and white photo of a road lined with trees

Sharp B&W

Best for: Indoor & Outdoor (Versatile)
Style: Detailed Black and White with Soft Cool Tones

Sharp B&W transforms your photos into sharp monochrome black and white. The preset make custom adjustments on highlights, contrasts, clarity, and noise to produce textured, focused, sharp retro-inspired images.

A vintage photo of a boat out in the sea

Vintage Frame

Best for: Portraits and Landscapes
Style: Analog Film, Retro Tones

Vintage Frame makes your images look like an old photographs. It tints tones to simulate the color of old photos. The preset also adds a white border to fully recreate that vintage look and feel.