Preset Creator: Marc

Marc creates Lightroom presets that can transform the atmosphere of any image. They create a specific aesthetic that can be applied across multiple photos, especially on blogs and social media, for a cohesive look.

For PresetLove, he contributed these two contrasting yet versatile presets.

A dark and bold urbanscape

Rising Star

Best for: Urban Scenes and Street Photography
Style: Dark and Moody

Rising Star adds a dark and modern look to cityscape and street photography. It intensifies the drama of urban scenes, whether it is a candid moment in the neighborhood or a majestic view of the city.

A woman in a cream dress standing in a lavender field

Soft Blue

Best for: Portraits, Diffused Lighting
Style: Light Pastels, Soft Tones

Soft Blue creates a soft and stylish look using orange and blue hues. The combination creates an airy violet pastel look that gives a dreamy, ethereal, feel.