Preset Creator: Contrastly

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A cinematic image of a woman leaning out the car window with her arm outstretched


Best for: Urban Scenes, Portraits, Outdoor
Style: Dark and Moody

Cinematic mutes and desaturates tones to give photos a dramatic and cinematic look. This film effect will make images appear visually striking.

A monochrome film image of a woman walking down the stairs

Fujifilm Neopan

Best for: All Types (Versatile)
Style: Vibrant, Metallic, Brown Monochrome

Fujifilm Neopan transforms colored images to highly defined monochrome photos based on the popular Fujifilm Neopan film. It tints its monochromatic tones to produce deep chocolate browns. It is darker and more dramatic than a regular sepia look. 

A man on top of a vivid and colorful landscape


Best for: Landscape Views, Outdoor, Nature
Style: Colorful, Vibrant, High-Contrast

Landscape preset is all you need when enhancing landscape shots. It produces vibrant colors and high-contrast tones. All of its settings are optimized for nature and outdoor photography.

A photo of a landscape with added lens flare

Lens Flare

Best for: Sunny Outdoor Scenes
Style: Lighting/Lens Effect

Lens Flare simulates lens flares in any photo. It adds an air of spontaneity, and an in-the-moment sense of drama. Because of this inescapable phenomenon when taking photos outdoors, people now associate it raw, unedited, images.

A colorful city skyline


Best for: Portraits, Outdoor Scenes
Style: Soft, Pastel Hues

Sweetheart preset has subtle violet tones that give photos a soft dramatic effect. This is ideal for portraits and other scenes that call for a sentimental or romantic motif.