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A woman blowing snow to the camera


Princess is a free Lightroom preset that is designed to bring winter photos to life. Even with the abundance of whites, this preset makes photos interesting by adding subtle warm

A crisp and clear outdoor portrait of a woman in a white dress

A Hazy Portrait

A Hazy Portrait adds stunning clarity while enhancing the natural look of your portraits. It diminishes the haze in your images to give your photos a crisp and bold look

A photo of a landscape with added lens flare

Lens Flare

Lens Flare is a free Lightroom preset that simulates lens flares in any photo. It adds an air of spontaneity and an in-the-moment dramatic feel. Because of this common effect

A black and white photo of a mother and child looking out into the landscape

Pictorial B&W

Pictorial B&W is a free Lightroom preset that converts colored images to black and white. It has balanced, moderate contrast, tones that are suitable for any type of photography —

A monochrome film image of a woman walking down the stairs

Fujifilm Neopan

Fujifilm Neopan is a free Lightroom preset that transforms colored images to highly defined monochrome photos based on the popular Fujifilm Neopan film. It tints its monochromatic tones to produce

A colorful city skyline


Sweetheart is a free Lightroom preset that has subtle violet tones that give photos a soft dramatic effect. This is ideal for portraits and other scenes that call for a

A man standing at the farthest end of the road lined with trees in autumn leaves

Autumn Skies

Category: Fall Presets, Landscape PresetsBest for: Landscapes with vast skies, fall tones, and some greensStyle: Warm Browns, Soft Matte This submitted preset, called Autumn Skies, is always ready for pumpkin spice season!

A couple holding hands and looking at the mountain landscape view

Zen Film 1

Zen Film 1 is a free Lightroom preset that applies a dark matte but vibrant look to images. It combines the classic film style with the modern high-contrast look. Its

A black and white image of a boy and a woman talking by a river

Dark Contrast

Dark Contrast is a free Lightroom preset that transforms colored photos to vivid, high-contrast, black and white. It produces intense dark tones that complement its converted and brightened blue and

A vibrant cityscape of Dubai, with the Burj Al Arab at the center

HDR Grand Hotel

HDR Grand Hotel free Lightroom preset artistically produces intense blue hues. It draws out the vibrant atmosphere of a cityscape or any urban scene. This look is perfect for emphasizing

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