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A warm and airy summer photo of a woman wearing a white shirt and denim shorts by the coast


Lagos is a free Lightroom summer preset that photographer Eugene Zhyvchik designed to bring out the distinct look and feel of Lagos, Portugal. He based the aesthetic on his extensive

A warm and vibrant photo of the Cinque Terre, with a film travel preset applied

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is another captivating landscape and travel preset by photographer Eugene Zhyvchik. It brings out the colorful radiance and dynamic atmosphere of coastal areas like Italy’s Cinque Terre, the

Paradise Dream Premium Preset by PresetLove

Paradise Dream

Paradise Dream is a premium Lightroom preset designed to give vacation photos an elegant and stylish look. It softens colors and transforms blue hues into an appealing shade of teal.

Morning Coffee Premium Preset by PresetLove.com

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee is a premium preset that infuses images with coffee hues. Its complex brown style adds a cozy elegance to the image. It creates deep tones, too, that make the photo’s

A rose-tinted photo of the Eiffel Tower

Romantic Paris

Romantic Paris is a free Lightroom preset that evokes the romantic atmosphere of Paris with a warm pink pastel hue. Its soft matte tones make it ideal for vacation photos, from

Vintage Architecture Preset by Presetlove.com

Vintage Architecture

Vintage Architecture is a free Lightroom preset that is created to give an old, subtle, vintage look to any cityscape images. It washes out some colors in photos and add

Travel Preset Free Lightroom Presets


Travel free Lightroom preset enhances travel, nature, hiking, landscape, and various outdoor images. It adds natural and clean hues to travel photos, so your photos will always look naturally stunning.

Le Louvre Preset by Presetlove.com

Le Louvre

Le Louvre is a free Lightroom preset that is perfect for glamorous, romantic , and dreamy photos because of the classic look that it gives them. It enhances architectural pictures

Two women heading towards the sea with their surfboards

Warm Weather

Warm Weather is a free Lightroom preset that forms warm saturated tones on your images. It is inspired by the Kodak Ultramax 400 film and even incorporates this film’s settings

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