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A man and a woman dressed in orange with a hippie vibe

Warm Retro

Warm Retro is one of our top vintage Lightroom presets because of its warm but complex hues. It so elegantly simulates the style of vintage photos. Images always appear brighter,

Vintage BW Preset Free Lightroom Presets

Vintage BW

Vintage BW makes new photos look old again by removing bright colors. It is less saturated and often has a flat feel that turns all other hues to black and

A war, amd saturated photo of a scenery with clear skies


Cloud is a free Lightroom preset that creatively coats images with a layer of warm film tones. Unlike other retro presets, this keeps midtones saturated and vibrant. Its complex mix

A vintage photo of a girl in a yellow coat standing in the middle of the road

Type 100

Type 100 is a free Lightroom preset that adds a warm yellow overlay on your photos. It is designed to replicate an old film look that you can get from

A grainy vintage image of a highway

The Old Road

The Old Road is a free bright Lightroom preset that creates an old film look using warm hues and a green tint. Unlike other analog film presets, it produces rich

A brightened photo of a woman sitting at the edge of a cliff

Old Yeller

Old Yeller is a free Lightroom preset that applies a bright retro look to images. It gives you that unmistakable vibrant style of the 80s. Its yellow tint also produces

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