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A brown dog carrying a US flag in its mouth

4th of July

4th of July is a free Lightroom preset designed for your memorable 4th of July captures. It has a classic look that gives an air of historic significance and festive

A monochrome photo of a person standing in an open field

Purple Haze

Purple Haze free Lightroom preset is a dramatic monochrome with rich violet-magenta tones. It adds drama to the image like no other black and white filters. Its cool tint adds

A medium-contrast photo of an architecture


Microcontrast is a free Lightroom preset that enhances the natural look of images. It makes them clear and vivid without altering much of a photo’s elements. You can easily regard

A sharpened photo of a hand holding an analog compass

Perfect Sharpen

Perfect Sharpen free Lightroom preset keeps the natural look of photos while drawing out the details. It makes photos appear realistic, finely textured, and vividly clear. If you are looking

A warm photo of a woman wearing a black rimmed hat

Southern Drawl

Southern Drawl is a free modern Lightroom preset with some southern flair. It brightens and adds a cozy warm orange glow to images. Its vibrant colors combine with soft tones

A photo of a couple outdoors with retro and grainy effect

Old School HDR

Old School HDR is a free Lightroom preset that gives images an old and grainy film look. It is the ideal preset to use on photos that call for a

A winter landscape with aqua tint

White Snow

White Snow free Lightroom preset adds a serene layer of aqua onto winter photos. It also heightens the cold look and feel with its softened tones. All its refined effects

A bright photo of a woman at a beach

Superia 100

Superia 100 is a free Lightroom preset that makes your images look like it was taken from a film camera. This preset closely resembles the Fuji Superia 100 film as

A black and white photo of a highway

Neopan 200

Neopan 200 is a free Lightroom preset that transforms images to light black and white. It produces a wide range of complex grays to recreate the iconic look of the

An urban photo of a man standing in front of a steel wall

Clarity +50

Clarity +50 is a free Lightroom preset that draws out and refines textures of images. It also enhances tones and colors without distorting them, keeping the portrait or scene looking

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34 Best Lightroom Presets for Landscapes

We gathered the best Lightroom presets for landscapes that look great on outdoor and travel photos. These are specially designed to enhance your scenic shots...

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