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A man and a woman dressed in orange with a hippie vibe

Warm Retro

Warm Retro is one of our top vintage Lightroom presets because of its warm but complex hues. It so elegantly simulates the style of vintage photos. Images always appear brighter,

Soft Dreams Preset Free Lightroom Presets

Soft Dreams

The Soft Dreams free Lightroom preset adds fantastic, imaginative, and colorful hues to images. It increases the vibrance of colors by adding warmth and brightness. It also adds magenta and

Summer Memories Free Lightroom Presets

Summer Memories

Summer Memories free Lightroom preset that provides photos with a warm summertime look by increasing its warmth and adding a summer radiance. This preset is suitable for photos taken outside

A woman in the middle of a desert

Mostly Clear

Mostly Clear free Lightroom preset is versatile to use on any photo. It makes images crisp, clear, and vividly colorful. If you are looking for a preset to use across

A vivid photo of the sky

Dramatic Clouds

Dramatic Clouds free Lightroom preset boosts the mood of outdoor photos by enhancing the sky’s hues and accentuating its clouds. It is ideal for landscape and various outdoor scenes. This

A woman in a cream dress standing in a lavender field

Soft Blue

Soft Blue is a free Lightroom preset that creates a soft and stylish look using orange and blue hues. The combination creates an airy violet pastel look that gives a

A warm and vibrant photo of a woman on a hammock


Getaway is a free Lightroom preset that will give your travel photos a warm and enchanting feel. It brightens, boosts colors, and gives an attractive medium matte look. Collection: Warm

A film vintage photo of a woman sitting at the edge of a cliff

Colormatic 100

Colormatic 100 is a free Lightroom preset that creates a bright and high-contrast style. Its colorful settings easily give images a lively look and feel. It is ideal for travel

A matte black and white image of a wooden bridge

No Contrast B&W

No Contrast B&W is a free Lightroom preset that transforms images to low-contrast black and white. It has a soft yet bright monochrome look that can be used across all

A brightened photo of a woman sitting at the edge of a cliff

Old Yeller

Old Yeller is a free Lightroom preset that applies a bright retro look to images. It gives you that unmistakable vibrant style of the 80s. Its yellow tint also produces

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Free Lightroom Presets by BeArt for Desktop and Mobile

5 Free Lightroom Presets from BeArt

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