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Warm Orange Fog

Warm Orange Fog is a free Lightroom preset that coats images with a light orange tint. It softens tones and warms the entire scene. Its distinct style is ideal for outdoor photos like portraits, landscapes, and urban photography.

Collection: Warm Presets
Best for: Outdoors, Travel, Natural Light
Style: Muted Tones, Orange Tint

The examples below will show you how the preset creates a somewhat vintage look that also processes skin tones so well. Try Warm Orange Fog on your travel photos if you want them to have a consistent look, or on your entire Instagram feed if you want to establish a visual identity.

Blends Color Temperature and Tint

A warm orange photo of a tree

Film Style. The preset produces its distinct tones by first blending some fundamental settings: it warms color temperature and applies a subtle magenta tint. As you can see in the After photo above, the result is similar to many analog film presets. You get sandy orange retro tones and matte finish. Notice how Warm Orange Fog also creates an appealing light aesthetic.

Try to examine the example above. Observe how the preset lightens and blends colors. Look at the green leaves and airy aqua skies.

Tints Highlights and Shadows

A warm orange portrait of a woman wearing a floral shirt

Accent Tones. To complement the set orange and magenta haze, the preset also tints tones. It adds orange to highlights and light violet to shadows. Not only do these adjustments soften the entire look, but they also reinforce the vintage film motif.

Examine the shadows in the After photo above. You can easily notice the violet tint blending with the blacks, while the orange hues suffuse the light regions. The resulting image is far more expressive and dramatic now. There is now an undeniable nostalgic feel as well.

Refines the Intensity of Tones

A warm orange photo of an urban street

Moderate Depth. Warm Orange Fog produces moderate depth as it fine-tunes the tone curve. It deepens dark regions but lightens some shadows, to make sure that none would appear harsh. On the other hand, for the light regions, the preset softens highlights to keep them from being overblown.

You can examine how the preset processes tones in the Before and After examples above. Tones look subdued but still sufficiently defined. Examine the buildings, the crowd at the sidewalk, the buildings ahead, and the clear blue sky.

A warm orange portrait of a woman with long black hair

Clear Retro Portraits. In this photo, see how the preset enhances skin tones, all the while establishing a unique look and feel. Like the previous examples, the orange haze coats the entire image, without distorting an element’s color.

Because of Warm Orange Fog’s balanced tones, there are no harsh tones on the subject’s face. It is now easier to see and appreciate her expressions and facial features. There are no harsh shadows or washed out highlights. Notice, too, that the preset makes the entire mood more inviting as well.

Warm Orange Fog is for Lightroom Mobile, Desktop and…

Like all our presets, you can absolutely use Warm Orange Fog as is, right out of the box. With any preset, you might need to make adjustments to accommodate your specific camera, settings, lighting, and subject matter.

  • Entirely Adjustable
  • Compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC
  • Performs with both PC, Mac, and Mobile
  • Applicable to both RAW and JPG images
  • 100% Free
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