A portrait of a woman lounging on bed with white sheets

Home Portrait

Home Portrait free Lightroom preset optimizes lighting, color, and tone in indoor portraits. It does well on images with uneven or dim lighting. It specifically draws out and enhances the subject’s skin tones and expressions. Its bright tones and crisp colors also add a professional polish to your photos.

Collection: Portrait Presets, Skin Tone Presets
Best for: Indoor Portraits, Dim/Uneven Lighting, Family Portraits, Children
Style: Clear, Moderate Tones, Natural, Bright, and Sharp

This preset is ideal for selfies, family portraits, and even your snapshots at home of children and pets. It will fix the usual problems of hurried indoor captures. Because of its versatility and natural look, you can also use it as an Instagram filter. Its crisp and clear look will give your feed a cohesive look.

Brightens and Intensifies Color

A woman wearing a black crop top and stretching on a wooden floor

Vivid Portraits. It is difficult to achieve photos with rich colors and tone when shooting indoors, more so if you do not have lighting equipment set up. You would have to adjust the camera settings accordingly and shoot as steadily as possible.

Home Portrait preset makes this easier in post-processing. It cannot substitute a well-shot photograph but it will remedy the common problems that you might encounter. It does this by increasing exposure to compensate for indoor lighting, amplifying contrast to bring out the color, boosting clarity to define details, and heightening vibrance to enhance skin tones. As a finishing touch, the preset lightly increases saturation to further reinforce some hues.

Simulates Daylight Tones

A little girl in a green dress with her hands under her chin

Daylight. The preset tints the image with a light layer of cool hues that go well with the added light. This effect creates an ideal color temperature for indoor portraits. Home Portrait creates this by blending a bluish color temperature with a soft green tint.

You can examine the result in the After photo above. Look at how the preset adds a neutral white light to the girl’s portrait. Its daylight tones elegantly enhance her skin tones and brighten her tender expression.

Optimizes Light by Brightening Tones

A high fashion indoor portrait of a woman with accent lighting

Indoor Lighting. Home Portrait optimizes tonal brightness to more finely illuminate the image. This helps resolve most problems in indoor lighting: they can be uneven, dim, or harsh.

The preset first illuminates whites and highlights to draw in more light, then fine-tunes them using the tone curve. To balance this setting out, it also deepens blacks but lightens some shadows. These adjustments all come together to produce a well-lit portrait.

In the portrait above, notice how there are no jarring shadows or overblown highlights that distract from the subject.

Enhances Colors for Portraits

A colorful portrait of a woman wearing a lavender shirt

Colorful Portrait. Home Portrait creates a series of adjustments in color to make sure that it enhances skin tones as much as possible. It also uses these to underscore the subject of the portrait.

First, to complement its brilliant aesthetic, the preset increases the luminance of warm and cool colors. Then, to create some contrast, it lowers the saturation of green, aqua, blue, purple, and magenta.

Refines Textures

A long-haired girl sitting on a stool

Detailed. As a finishing touch, Home Portrait sharpens images to draw out as much detail as possible without making it look artificial. It then balances this out by reducing noise, thereby also smoothening the subject’s skin.

See how the preset also adds a little vignetting to the portrait. This subtly and elegantly frames the illuminated subject.

Home Portrait is for Lightroom Mobile, Desktop and…

Like all our presets, you can absolutely use Home Portrait as is, right out of the box. With any preset, you might need to make adjustments to accommodate your specific camera, settings, lighting and subject matter.

If you want more presets like this, you can check out our collection of Lightroom presets for portraits.

  • Entirely Adjustable
  • Compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC
  • Performs with both PC, Mac, and Mobile
  • Applicable to both RAW and JPG images
  • 100% Free

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