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Cool Fade

Cool Fade free Lightroom preset that gives your images a textured yet soft cool blue look. It intensifies highlights and adds blue tones in its shadows to create an overall cool effect. The preset also uses custom texture settings that emphasize details and texture for more drama and depth.

Collection: Blue Presets
Best for: Street Photography, industrial
Style: Soft, matte, light blue tones

Cool Fade is suitable for almost all types of photography and works well with landscapes and portraits shot in natural light and low light settings. Its unique take on mixing textures and adding blue tones creates an overall soft and cool preset. Try this preset out for a unique spin on your Instagram images!

Cool Fade Preset - woman in stripes

Textured Haze. Cool Fade plays on clarity, sharpness, and noise reduction to create a mix of texture and fade. These adjustments are mostly done in presets that aim to emphasize texture and to create a distinct look. We tried mixing these settings with blue tones to create an overall cool preset, for it to appear calmer in the rendered photos.

If you look at the images above, you can see how the After image gains both sharpness and haze once the preset is applied. Colors are also slightly less warm revealing more cool tones. By increasing clarity, the preset heightens the image’s mid-tones, adding sharpness and increasing texture to the image. This is then complemented with noise reduction which builds a subtle blur on the overall image.

Cool Fade Preset - Ferrari

Cool Overlay. Adding blue tones on the preset’s light settings instantly creates a different ambiance and character on the overall image. Cool Fade incorporates blue tones in its shadows which produces lighter dark tones. This also gives emphasis on the faded effect, as the black hues appear to have less intensity.

The example above shows how the blue tones perform and can create a different atmosphere all throughout the image. As you can see, the monotonic tones in the Before photo are eliminated and transformed into this soft blue tint in the shadows and the highlights, making the image look vibrant and calm at the same time.

Cool Fade Preset - stairs

Dramatic Blue Tints. As mentioned earlier, the preset adds blue tones to its shadows. We have another example above to show how the blue tones perform in a low light setting. As you can see, in the After image, the blue tones are present in both highlights and shadows and create a dramatic yet calm look in the overall photo. This is because cool tones are generally pleasing to the eyes and are associated with a relaxed overall vibe. The aspect that adds to the dramatic touch is seen through the blacks being slightly faded as well as the vibrance of red and purple tones.

Cool Fade also increases red and purple color luminance in its settings to balance out the cool preset. In the example above, it mixes well with the faded blacks to bring out more texture and details to enhance that overall creative aesthetic.

Cool Fade Preset - kiss

Soft Textures. Working with contrast and clarity often gives you a mix of textures. Cool Fade increases clarity but decreases contrast to have more faded darks and textured mid-tones. The image above is a great example, as it shows both fade and texture.

Looking at the man’s jacket in the After image, you can point out newly added elements when the preset was applied. For starters, we noticed how the light blue tones are once again present adding a cool tone to the image. Specks of light blue tones are more emphasized, as well as some slight fade. This gives an overall softer texture, creating a unique look.

You can absolutely use Cool Fade as is, right out of the box. With any preset you might need to make adjustments to accommodate your specific camera, settings, lighting and subject matter.

Cool Fade is for Lightroom Mobile, Desktop, and…

Like all our Lightroom Presets, you can absolutely use Cool Fade as is, right out of the box. With any preset, you might need to make adjustments to accommodate your specific camera, settings, lighting, and subject matter.

  • Entirely Adjustable
  • Designed for Adobe Lightroom for PC, Mac, and Mobile
  • Includes Lrtemplate and XMP preset formats for Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic desktop apps
  • Includes DNG preset format for the free Lightroom mobile app
  • Applicable to both RAW and JPG images
  • 100% Free Preset Download

Need help with the presets? You can visit our guide to learn how to install Lightroom presets.

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