A war, amd saturated photo of a scenery with clear skies


Cloud is a free Lightroom preset that creatively coats images with a layer of warm film tones. Unlike other retro presets, this keeps midtones saturated and vibrant. Its complex mix of settings makes it versatile enough to be applied across all types of photography.

Collection: Warm Presets
Best for: Indoor and Outdoor
Style: Soft tones, Matte, Golden Warm Tones, Muted Highlights

You can apply this Cloud preset on photos shot both indoors and outdoors, from portraits to landscapes. Its stylish and creative aesthetic looks great regardless of lighting. It has a vintage style but with a modern twist thanks to its bold midtones.

The preset’s distinct motif makes it ideal as an Instagram filter as well. It would give your feed a timeless and cohesive look. It is one of those rare presets that can easily set a visual identity.

Creates a Unique Retro Look

A warm retro preset of a man doing a headstand in the middle of the road

Radiant Warmth. The preset sets its signature look by customizing the RGB channels in the tone curve. After this, it recreates the colors of old films by lowering the saturation levels under Lightroom’s Presence panel. These only set the base look: Cloud preset refines all of these further later on.

The After photo’s sky fully displays the preset’s soft warm tones. Simply compare how Cloud transforms it from overcast grayish-blue to golden tones. Try to examine how the preset coats the rest of the image as well. Pay attention to how they blend so seamlessly.

Softens Tones Like Old Films

A warm retro preset of a woman in winter clothes

Soft Whites. The preset further softens its look by narrowing the tonal range. It lowers the intensity of highlights and the brightness of whites.

The muting of the light regions extracts the warm tones all the more. They become dark enough to be deeply tinted. In the portrait above, see how Cloud coats the sky and white snow with golden hues.

A warm retro photo of a man in front of a white Benz car

Accented Dark Tones. For the dark regions, Cloud lightens both blacks and shadows. Not only does this setting create a vintage aesthetic but it also helps reveal details.

Observe how the lightening of dark tones complement the cream colors. When combined, they become the accent tones that add definition to the image.

Refines Color Saturation and Luminance

A warm retro preset of a woman looking out into the sea

Muted Colors. Cloud preset mutes its colors by lowering the saturation of colors at various levels. It also darkens them by reducing their luminance. As a result, you can see more of the preset’s signature complex brown tones throughout the image.

A warm retro preset of a woman wearing a black dress

Accent Hues. In contrast, Cloud preset increases the luminance of purple and magenta, illuminating the midtones as a result. This enhancement is particularly useful when processing skin tones and some earthy hues.

In the portrait above, see how the preset illuminates the subject even as it fills the photo with its analog film aesthetic. The image looks balanced and vivid even with the vintage motif.

Cloud preset is for Lightroom Mobile, Desktop and…

Like all our presets, you can absolutely use Cloud preset as is, right out of the box. With any preset, you might need to make adjustments to accommodate your specific camera, settings, lighting, and subject matter.

  • Entirely Adjustable
  • Compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC
  • Performs with both PC, Mac, and Mobile
  • Applicable to both RAW and JPG images
  • 100% Free
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