Ten Film Style Lightroom Presets

Vintage is always better. If you’re looking to add a well worn look to your photos, try out these free Lightroom 5 presets.

Film Fanatic

The quintessential film look. This free Lightroom preset is the standard for giving your photographs that vintage glow you’re looking for.

Float Free Lightroom Preset


One of the best and most widely used Instant films may no longer be available in stores, but now you can recapture all the fun with this great preset.

Float Free Lightroom Preset


If you love the look of photographs from the 1980’s, you’ll love this free Lightroom preset.

Float Free Lightroom Preset

Portra 160

The perfect film for portraiture, now in a perfect preset for all your digital photographs.

Float Free Lightroom Preset

Cross Processed

The best preset for emulating that crossed processed look.

Float Free Lightroom Preset

FujiColor 400 W

Fuji Color 400 is a great color negative film that’s great for portraits, landscapes and even street photography. This preset is a perfect tool for emulating this classic film look.

Float Free Lightroom Preset

Legacy Pro 1600

Legacy Pro was a traditional process black and white film that was sold in stores until 2010. Now you can capture that great, low contrast, grainy look with this fast preset.

Float Free Lightroom Preset

If you’re looking to emulate the look of those disposable 35mm cameras of days gone by, look no further than this preset.

Float Free Lightroom Preset

Bow Tie

This filmic preset is great for adding warmth to any kind of photograph from landscapes to portraits.

Float Free Lightroom Preset

Instant B&W

This fantastic Lightroom preset emulates that fantastic instant film of old.

Float Free Lightroom Preset


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