Our Six Best Free Lightroom Presets for Landscapes

If you’re looking to add some pop to your landscape photographs, this list of free Lightroom 5 presets is the list for you!

Cheap B&W Film

Add some real pop to your skies with this fantastic landscape preset.

Float Free Lightroom Preset

Carnival Glow

Capture all the fun of a carnival in this great free Lightroom preset.

Float Free Lightroom Preset

Green Greens

This preset is perfect for those lush nature landscapes.

Float Free Lightroom Preset

Metallic Landscape

Add some metallic flair to your black and white landscapes with this great free lightroom preset.

Float Free Lightroom Preset

One Click HDR

The perfect one click solution for creating high dymanic range images out of all your landscape photographs.

Float Free Lightroom Preset


The warmest preset we have here at Preset Love.

Float Free Lightroom Preset


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