Five Grungy Lightroom Presets for Street Shooters

These presets are perfect for street shooters. Whether you shoot black and white or color, these free Lightroom 5 presets are perfect for you.

Instant B&W

This fantastic Lightroom preset emulates that fantastic instant film of old.

Float Free Lightroom Preset


This is a great preset for street photographers looking for an edgy, film look.

Float Free Lightroom Preset

B&W Nights

This super high contrast preset is perfect for street shooters.

Float Free Lightroom Preset


This preset is great from everything from portraits to landscapes to architecture.

Float Free Lightroom Preset

Wrecking Ball

This is one of our favorite free Lightroom 5 presets that we have here at Preset Love. It’s dark and grungy and sure to make your portraits and landscapes stand out.

Float Free Lightroom Preset


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