Preset Creator: Silky Presets

Silky Preset creates dramatic and elegant Lightroom presets that are ideal for portraits and various lighting conditions. Their presets include Float, Drama Queen, and Grace.

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A cozy photo of a woman in winter clothing

Bright & Sweet

Best for: Portraits, Wedding & Engagement, Newborn, Pets
Style: Soft, Warm, Matte

Bright & Sweet gives portraits a warm and inviting glow. It enhances skin tones and softens the the feel of the portrait. It also comes with a creamy tint that adds to the sweet mood of the image.

A retro portrait of a woman lounging on a couch with a checkered wall behind her

Drama Queen

Best for: Indoor and Outdoor Portraits
Style: Warm, Elegant, Brown Tones

Drama Queen creates an elegant and warm glow. This is perfect for outdoor portraits because it specializes on shots taken under natural light. With its balanced adjustments in brightening, this filter also enhances the subject’s facial features and skin tone.

A couple sitting under a cherry blossom tree

Smart Warmer

Best for: Indoor and Outdoor Portraits
Style: Soft, Warm, Light and Airy, Unsaturated

Smart Warmer gently warms your entire image while keeping skin tones looking natural. It enhances portraits by giving them a tender, charming feel. Its softened hues also give photos a classic and timeless aesthetic.

Float Preset Landscape photo of hiker on dock by Ocean Scene with Mountains


Best for: Portraits, Urban Scenes
Style: Muted Tones, Soft, Light

Float preset evens out the exposure of any photo and reduces excessive shadows in portraits. You may use this to finely tweak images that were taken outdoors, where lighting can largely be dependent on unpredictable weather, and where surrounding structures may cast unwanted shadows on the subject’s face.

A warm photo of a street lined with flowering trees


Best for: All Portraits
Style: Warm and Bright

Grace preset elegantly warms and brightens photos. It is a versatile preset that can be used on any indoor and outdoor image, regardless of its lighting. It also finely moderates tones to add style, depth, and a classic feel.