Preset Creator: Rachel Carter

Rachel Carter is a local photographer who has been involved in landscape photography for over 10 years. A graduate of Towson University in Maryland, she studied photography at Lorenzo d’Medici International Art school in Florence, Italy. 

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Terra Cotta Preset by

Terra-Cotta Road

Best for: Outdoor, Night Photography, Urban
Style: Dark Tones, Vibrant

Terra-Cotta Road accentuates deep tones and hues. This preset transforms and adds vibrance to your images. It also adds depth, character, and drama to the overall scene.

A high-contrast summer portrait of a woman in red bikini against a blue wall

A Summer Affair

Best for: Outdoor Portraits, Vacation Photos
Style: Bright and Warm

A Summer Affair brings out the lively summer feel in your photos. They will come out bright and warm, with rich hues that look great on skin tones.

An artistic photo of a wheat field with few trees

Grain It Up

Best for: Travel and Landscape
Style: Vintage Film, Textured, Warm Brown

Grain It Up creates dramatic tones and a film effect that includes a lot of grain. It then adds a retro appeal by coating the image with a classic brown tint.

Boats docked on an island

Gypsy Soul

Best for: Beach and Vacation Photos
Style: Vintage Film, Green Tint

Gypsy Soul gives photos a tropical look and feel. The blend of its yellow and blue tones creates the preset’s signature warm green tint that simulates the look of some vintage films.

A bright and vibrant photo of a man standing at the beach

Hot Tamale

Best for: Landscapes, Travel Photos
Style: Vibrant, Bold Tones, Bright

Hot Tamale optimizes a photo’s tones to produce vibrant and colorful landscapes. Its rich warm hues also illuminate the scenery like sunlight.