Preset Creator: Rachael Towne

Rachael Towne is the creator of Presets Galore. She launched it in 2012 and has produced numerous dramatic presets that are tested on a variety of photos. Thousands have used her meticulously designed presets since.

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A black and white photo of a man on a bike, in the middle of a street

B&W Romance

Best for: Diffused Lighting
Style: Monochrome, Soft Tones, Violet Tints

B&W Romance is a free black and white Lightroom preset that has intricate cool hues. These stylishly blend with the photograph’s highlights and shadows. Its detailed adjustments in luminance and mix channels produces a romantic and ethereal feel.

A undersaturated and creamy photo of a camera

Color Cream Wash

Best for: Indoor and Outdoor Portraits
Style: Soft, Warm Pastel, Light

Color Cream Wash coats images with a stylish light layer of cream tones. Your photos will have a soft matte look that is versatile for both indoor and outdoor photography.

A vibrant photo of a woman standing on a road lined with vivid green trees


Best for: All Types
Style: Vibrant Retro, Analog Film, Vintage

Cross-Processing makes images look cross-processed by coating them with warm green tones. It also produces rich and vibrant colors to complement its vintage aesthetic.

A matte monochrome photo of an analog camera

Detailed Matte

Best for: All Types
Style: Light and Balanced Monochrome

Detailed Matte transforms your photos to classic monochrome. It has a distinct soft matte texture that will bring you back to the days of analog. The retro style is also versatile enough for any type of photography.

A vibrant photo of a grassland with cattle grazing at the distance

Touch of Drama

Best for: Landscapes and Cityscapes, Urban Scenes
Style: Vivid, Crisp Tones

Touch of Drama adds a vibrant and dramatic feel by enhancing a photo’s natural tones. It has a clear, high-contrast, look that can be applied to all types of photography.