Preset Creator: Presetbase

Jan of Presetbase is a landscape and travel photographer from Hamburg, Germany, who is almost constantly traveling around the world. He has been designing presets to streamline his workflow, particularly when processing photos that are taken under challenging lighting and weather conditions.

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An analog camera on the sand by the beach

Beach Day

Best for: Beaches, Vacation and Travel Photos, Summer
Style: Vibrant, Warm, Natural Tones

Beach Day enhances the colors of typical beach scenes. It accurately captures the warm, cheerful, vibe: the soft orange sand, aqua-toned waters, powder blue skies, and vivid green leaves.

A vivid photo of the sky

Dramatic Clouds

Best for: Landscapes, Outdoors
Style: Vivid Tones, Textured

Dramatic Clouds boosts the mood of outdoor photos by enhancing the sky’s hues and accentuating its clouds. It is ideal for landscape and various outdoor scenes. This preset, after all, applies thorough adjustments in toning, saturation, and luminance.

A high-definition photo of the aurora borealis

Northern Lights

Best for: Outdoor Nighttime Photography
Style: Vibrant Tones, Deep Colors

Northern Lights is especially designed to draw out the delicate colors of the Aurora. It finely adjusts tones to help bring out the phenomenon’s magical and ethereal feel.

A vibrant and colorful sunset over the ocean

Sunset Over the Ocean

Best for: Sunsets, Beaches and Coasts
Style: Vibrant Sky Colors

Sunset Over the Ocean enhances the broad spectrum of colors in sunset photos. It is ideal for those shots along coasts that show both sky and sea.

A bright photo of a landscape in winter

Winter Light

Best for: Winter Landscapes
Style: Cool Blue Hues, Moderate Brightness, Deep Tones

Winter Light gives your winter photos a magical feel. It accentuates the season’s understated hues with adjustments in contrast, saturation, and tones. Your photos will have artistic shades of violet-magenta.