Preset Creator: Lightroom Zen

Lightroom Zen produces a wide range of Lightroom presets, from film emulations to modern styles in photography.

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A couple holding hands and looking at the mountain landscape view

Zen Film 1

Best for: Bright Scenes, Outdoor
Style: Film, High-Contrast, Bold Tones

Zen Film 1 applies a dark matte but vibrant look to images. It combines the classic film style with the modern high-contrast look. Its enhancements result in a vivid and dramatic photograph.

A man standing in the middle of a rocky landscape

Zen Film 2

Best for: Images with Diffused Lighting
Style: Old Film, Dark Tones, Warm

Zen Film 2 sets dark contrasting tones and grainy textures on images. The preset mixes warm and cool colors and adjusts saturation and luminance for an authentic vintage film look.

A black and white photo of a couple kissing

Zen Film B&W

Best for: All Types
Style: Black and White, Light, Matte, Grainy

Zen Film B&W transforms colored photos into warm black and white. It lightly tints bright areas with brown tones to accentuate its monochrome look and enhance the mood of the image. It can definitely add an air of nostalgia and romance to any photograph.