Preset Creator: John

John is a professional photographer who creates stunning and versatile Lightroom presets. Each helps users to easily produce professional images. By making them available for free on PresetLove, he brings studio-quality results to all.

As you can see below, bold tones and clear polished textures define his aesthetic. You can see his stunning photography here.

A professional head shot of a woman

Portraiture I

Best for: Headshots or Closeups
Style: Dramatic and Bold

Portraiture I highlights detail, makes shadows rise and bestows gravitas upon any image. Its intricate settings make it perfect for portraits. It also works with a variety of camera brands and lighting situations.

A bright and high-contrast portrait of a bearded man

Hipster I

Best for: Men’s Portraits
Style: Classic and Vivid Retro

Hipster I takes your photos and gives them that extra edge and ambiance. If your images features the classic hipster aesthetic, this is the free Lightroom preset to use.

A vivid landscape image of a waterfall

Flora Falls II

Best for: Outdoor, Nature, Falls and Foliage
Style: Clear and Crisp, Vivid Greens

Flora Falls II takes any natural photograph or landscape image and accentuates the water and lush vegetation. It has been optimized for photographs that have both a waterfall and greenery.

A stunning red landscape

Red Dawn I

Best for: Landscapes
Style: Vibrant Red Filter

Red Dawn I is one of our free Lightroom presets that adds a stunning red hue to your images. This preset augments your images and make them stand out in a unique and fascinating way.

A classic photo of women in gatsby dresses


Best for: Classic-Themed Portraits
Style: Vintage, Near-Monochrome, 20s

Prohibition drops the color of a photo without resorting to a total black and white. It even refines its vintage appeal by adding grain and a subtle vignette. The result is convincingly retro, but the polish is strikingly modern.