Preset Creator: Chic Presets

Chelsea C. M. is the preset designer behind Chic Presets. She started her career as a wedding photographer in 2011. To help speed up her editing process, she began creating her own Lightroom presets. She later decided to share them online with fellow enthusiasts. This eventually led to the establishment of Chic Presets.

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A bright wedding photo of a couple outdoors

Elegant Wedding

Best for: Wedding and Engagement Photos
Style: Bright, Matte, Natural

Elegant Wedding gives photos a lively and stylish feel. As its name suggests, it really is one of the most elegant presets available. Its color enhancements will make your shots look as festive as the occasion, while its adjustments in brightness will illuminate those special moments and make them unforgettable.

Top view of coffee cups on a round table


Best for: Indoor and Outdoor Photos
Style: Warm and Cinematic

Frothy is a free Lightroom preset that gives photos a bright and cozy café feel. It coats images with a warm creamy tint in the highlights, like golden sunlight hues. Its softened tones also add to its charming atmosphere.

A warm photograph of a couple sitting on a rock by the shore

Love Lock

Best for: Romantic Scenes
Style: Clear, Pastel Tint

Love Lock produces clear and vibrant photos. It has a smooth texture that gives images a modern look and feel. What sets it apart is its distinct blend of tones that create a romantic atmosphere.

A brightened elegant photo of a wedding bouquet

The Bouquet

Best for: Wedding and Engagement Photos, Outdoor
Style: Warm, Matte, Soft Tones

The Bouquet is designed to enhance your outdoor wedding photos for a romantic vibe. The preset mixes warm and cool colors and complements it with its light settings to bring out and enhance every detail of your images.

A retro photo of a woman holding Christmas lights in her hands

Vintage Vixen

Best for: Outdoor Portraits, Landscapes
Style: Retro, Analog Film Look

Vintage Vixen transforms your images into a warm retro style. The preset simulates the classic grainy film look to make your photos seem like it was taken using an analog camera. It utilizes warm and cool colors in its highlights and shadows along with custom texture adjustments to fully create that old school style.