Preset Creator: BeArt

BeArt is a group of professional retouchers, photographers, and designers that specializes in tools and products to make photography simpler and more accessible. They create a range of Adobe Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions.

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Chocolate Matte PresetLove free preset

Chocolate Matte

Best for: Photographing scenes with natural lighting
Style: Soft brown hues, Cinematic, Moderate matte

Chocolate Matte adds a timeless feel to your photos without reducing clarity. It uniquely brings out the warmth of the captured moment, making even the simplest shot look like a cinematic scene. A warm subtle haze blends with the images for a crisp vintage look.

A hand holding up a vintage camera

B&W Berkeley

Best for: Diffused Lighting, Outdoor
Style: Monochrome, Retro, Vintage

B&W Berkeley gives digital photographs a retro film effect. It replicates the unmistakable charm of old film without the unnecessary grain. Its rich tones that will make your photo look refined even in the absence of color.

A high definition portrait of a man in the fields

Film Portrait

Best for: Indoor and Outdoor, Fashion and Urban Photography, Accented Lighting
Style: Bright, Bold Tones, Vibrant Hues

Film Portrait is a free Lightroom preset that is designed to produce stunning professional portraits. It reveals the features of the subject and processes images to give them a modern look. 

A crisp photo of a European architecture


Best for: All Types
Style: Crisp and Clean Textures

Clarity preset gives your images a bright, clean, saturated look. The preset uses custom lighting and color settings to bring out your photo’s rich vivid tones.

A Anne of Green Gables book opened on the bed

Old Cinema

Best for: Portraits, Nostalgic Scenes
Style: Retro, Cinematic, Earthy Tones

Old Cinema brings you back in the days of vintage photography. With this preset, you no longer have to use a film camera to attain the classic vintage cinema look. Its lighting adjustments complement earthy tones, plus its blue and green highlights and shadows result in distinct film colors.