Preset Creator: Amr Tahtawi

Amr Tahtawi is an art director who is passionate about travel and landscape photography. You can find out more about his photo and design projects on his website

Butterflies Preset Free Lightroom Presets


Best for: Natural Photos
Style: Vibrant and Colorful

Butterflies preset is best used in nature photos such as butterflies, birds, flowers, trees and plants. This adds to the natural beauty and innocence of an image by bringing out and accentuating light and colors.

HDR Preset by


Best for: Cityscapes, Urban Scenes, Street Photography
Style: HDR, Vibrant, Bold Tones, Detailed

HDR preset is designed to give a dramatic look to images. It makes the image stand out while bringing out the details in shadows and highlights. This preset adds more contrast and highlights to those areas in photos that are necessary to become visible.

May My Day Preset by

Make My Day

Best for: Bloggers, All Lighting
Style: Clear, Vivid, Cool Tones

Make My Day is perfect for everyday blogger photos. It gives any picture a modern urban atmosphere. The overall effect is attractive and ideal for all types of photography.

Soft Dreams Preset Free Lightroom Presets

Soft Dreams

Best for: Indoor and Outdoor Portraits
Style: Vibrant and Colorful

Soft Dreams gives a fantastic, imaginative and colorful hues to images. It increases the vibrance of colors by adding warmth and brightness. It also adds magenta and purple colors to photos.

Summer Memories Free Lightroom Presets

Summer Memories

Best for: Outdoor Portraits, Lifestyle Shots, Natural Lighting
Style: Warm, Vibrant

Summer Memories provides photos with a warm summer time look by increasing its warmth and adding a summer radiance. This preset is suitable for photos taken outside in natural light and Is gorgeous for portraits and lifestyle pictures.